Warm/cold Water Isuue

Ryanak1200October 7, 2011

We have a single lever Moen faucet in the kitchen. We recently unclogged the warm water line, solving that issue only to have a new issue develop. Now when we turn the lever for cold water it slowly warms up. This is the only faucet where this happens. If we shut off the hot water line we get cold water again. However, if we open the hot water line up only enough to have the water come out at full strength we can't get any cold water, only slightly warm water. We're not sure why this started happening. Again, this is the only faucet we have this trouble. Any ideas?

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Some debris released by working on the clog could now be in the faucet assembly. That debris can defeat or damage the seals. I'd remove the faucet cartridge and check for debris and/or seal damage.

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