Cat with swollen lip

OctraciaDecember 19, 2011

My 15 year old mixed breed cat has developed a non-squishy bubble on his bottom lip over the past month.

This swelling does not hurt as evidenced by him pushing into my hand as if petting himself when I touch it. He is very healthy despite his age.

We've taken him to the vet and she gave us the option of sedation and a biopsy, scheduling surgery to have it removed immediately and having a biopsy on the entire mass after removal, or watching it and bringing him back for surgery if we see it grow larger. She says that it is not "rodent ulcer". We took him home and are keeping an eye on things since we don't want to put him through the stress of sedation, surgery and recovery if it could be as simple as an ingrown hair or something benign that will not bother him.

We are watching him closely and taking photos to compare any change.

Thank you for sharing any thoughts you may have. I can send or post photo.

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I my own personal self would just keep an eye on it;
at his age, I wouldn't want him to go through sedation & surgery for anything short of the likelihood of cancer.

I wish both of you the very best!

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Swollen lower lips are a common finding in cats though the exact cause is rarely known. It could be related to a tooth root abcess, sting, tumor, but most of the time it seems unrelated to any of those. Most of the time if it doesn't hurt I have clients watch them and they usually regress all on their own in a few weeks. Sometimes a dose of anti-inflammatory medication reduces the swelling faster, but I have not had one that didn't eventually go away on its own (that wasn't obviously due to something more serious).

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When my older cat had a swollen lip, it turned out to be an abcessed tooth. It really took a toll on him.

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