More guts than brains

beegood_gwDecember 8, 2010

Yesterday my Shih Tzus were barking at the window in the early afternoon. Ilooked out saw nothing and opened the door to look around and they scooted out and there behind a shrub on my driveway was this coyote. WELL--- Tessa the older of the two was going to send him packing. !!Nothing I said ( actually screamed ) to her stopped her. The coyote did not move and she was yipping at him froma few feet away. I ran up to him screaming and he finally decided to very slowly leave with Tessa on his tail. Kept looking back at her. Since I have invisible fencing she did not follow very far. I had to chase him rest of the way. Came back about an hour later. Had to send him packing once more. Hate those crutters.

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Well, she told him she wasn't food! Reminds me of my min-pin Taschi (RIP); she was 14 years old, half blind, no teeth and she took off toward the hen-house,, there were two sullen looking pit-bulls! She went after them, letting them know they weren't welcome. Pit-bulls looked at each other as though saying: what is this? and ambled off.
We always saidf that Taschi had "delusions of Great Dane" LOL

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If Shih Tzus were the size of Rottweilers, we'd all be in trouble!

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what brave little ones you have! my shih tzu loves people, squirrels and her birdies, but when it comes to the 4 legged kind thats another story. she figures if she turns her head sideways they can't see her. be careful that coyote doesn't get too brave.

freezing here in -28 degree weather, but gracies bundled up in her blanket watching her birdies from inside

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annzgw worried! :) The coyote probably came back because he now knows there is prey there. Your little one was very lucky since coyotes are so quick he could have grabbed her and been gone before you could open your mouth to yell. This summer I saw one catch a ground squirrel (and they're fast!) in our leach field, then he devoured every inch of it....including the tail!

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Oh I know what coyotes are capable of. I have lived with them for the last 40 years. It's not like this happens every day. This is the first time in all these years I have ever had this happen. Believe me I did not turn them loose to chase him away. I love my dogs and the last thing I wud like to happen is to be killed. I see them hunting in the pasture and know how fast they are.

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Cyote chased our cat up a tree one morning just as it was getting light out. My husband grabbed his rifle and chased it away. He didn't have to shoot, it just ran. However, he did climb the tree to get the cat. That was 10 years ago. Haven't seen one since. Oh, I do hear what I think are Cyotes in the middle of the night. Sounds like they have killed a rabit and are having a feeding frenzy.

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