36" 6 burner gas range - Wolf or BlueStar?

Kristen HallockMarch 13, 2013

Ugh. I cant decide!

Which would you go with? I like the look of the Wolf slightly better. But the burner design of the Bluestar totally makes sense to me!

DH is forcing me to buy this ASAP. He wants it bought and taken care of so he doesnt have this hovering over our heads. I like to sit and ponder and obsess over decisions like this so i think he's sick of me doing that and he wants to just purchase it so I cant talk about it anymore.

Bluestar has the unsealed burners, which seems nice. You can light those with a match, right? Can you do that to the Wolf sealed burners? I am assuming no?

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We have a Wolf and like it a lot. My DH was the one who insisted on it. We cook almost every night and it has been a workhorse since we moved back into our kitchen in Sept. 2010.

We did have one failure early on - the ceramic ring that is part of the sealing system for the burner cracked on one of the burners, making the ignition spark ineffective. We absolutely used matches to light the burners then. Wolf came out and fixed the ceramic piece without any charge or issue.

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I would prefer BlueStar, because of the open burners, which are more powerful and provide more even heat (Wolf's stacked burners leave a cool spot in the middle of your pan). The BS can do a great job with a real wok; the Wolf cannot.

All that said, if you don't do a lot of high-heat cooking, don't care about the wok, and have cookware with thick aluminum or copper bases, the Wolf will do a fine job.

Basically whatever you choose will be good so don't worry too much.

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Have you ruled out the Culinarian for some reason? I've never cooked on either the BS or the Wolf, but after reading so much here and in Appliances and and experiencing the open burners on my CC rangetop, I would definitely recommend BS for what I consider to be better burners with more even heat.

As a side note, please consider asking your DH to back off again. You should not be forced to do anything. Choosing a range needs to be a well-thought out decision, not made because someone is throwing a tantrum. You're spending a lot of money and IMHO need to get it right. So what if the decision doesn't get made until your deadline for ordering to receive it in time for install? It's not like the unmade decision sits in the middle of your house screaming at everyone who walks by that it needs attention. My advice is to sit and let the decision percolate in your brain, especially if this is how you normally operate. Don't talk to him about it anymore. Meditate on it in silence for a while without his input. Is DH prepared to store a ginormous box/crate in the garage if you order so early? (lecture over.). :)

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I have the 36" BS with grill. I love this range. The burners are awesome, it is easy to clean and everything I have ever baked in the oven comes out perfectly. The oven is huge and the racks are great. The convection fan is noisy but that is my only complaint.

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I forgot to mention that I love, love, love that the range is completely devoid of electronics. I have enough clocks elsewhere, I don't care about self-cleaning (actually prefer not to have it) and I don't have to worry about an expensive control board replacement.

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you might be able to find a good deal on the Wolf all gas which is going out of production if you're so inclined

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Kristen Hallock

I've searched all of New England for an all gas Wolf 6 burner 36" range to no avail. anyways, I think I a, seat on Bluestar. so the decision isn't that rushed. But We aren't even close to needing it. That's what I don't understand about DH. He wants to keep it in the garage for 10 weeks. I think we should order it like 4 weeks before we'll need it.

I think he just likes to cross things off his list. and this is something he wants to cross off. I guess I'll oblige him!

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Don't buy the range early and keep it in the garage. The clock starts ticking on the warranty upon delivery, not upon installation. Why would you forego any of the warranty, much less more than 2 months of it?

Also, there have been people who have posted on the forum about damages to their appliances stored in a garage or basement, from water, to being knocked over, to being accidentally kicked, turned on its side, and even theft. You name it. I wouldn't risk it for that expensive of an appliance for goodness sakes.

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I have a 30 RNB Blue Star and love it. I love the burners, the broiler, the big oven. I love that you can completely disassemble the entire top of the range for cleaning -- if you want to let it develop "patina" you can, and if you want to keep it as "like new" you can, and easily. I was nervous about getting the Blue Star (rather than Wolf) but once I saw them both IRL I was sure I wanted the Blue Star and it has been just a joy, one of the best things in the kitchen.

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Kristen Hallock

Thank you!

AlwaysFixin - you have the best reason to wait. I hadn't thought about that. I think DH is OK with waiting as long as I don't talk about it for the next 2 months.. So I told him my lips are sealed.

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Have you cooked on both? After seeing a live demo of the BS, we were sold. The factory rep put a hunk of chocolate in a pan, not a double boiler, and put it on the simmer burner. We walked away for about 20 mins, came back, it was still looking the same. He actually turned the heat up a bit to get it to melt.

Also, if you order it today, and it comes in to the dealer in 6 weeks, you don't have to have it delivered do you? My place held my appliances until we were ready. I don't know how long yours will take to arrive, but I had mine "custom" built because I didn't want the star on the front. We have a range top. I think it was about 6 weeks to come in.

And for what it's worth--we love it.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks Bee!

I am just going with the regular configuration in stainless steel. I was told those are stocked and take like 2 weeks. We haven't done anything to our old kitchen yet and we still need gas lined moved, floors sanded, old cabs taken out, etc....so I guess I should wait until we are closer.

I haven't cooked on one because the pickings up here in Vermont for seeing stuff like that are slim.

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