Quartzscapes - new resurfacing

Mermaid123February 25, 2013

Hi all! First time exposed to this and have a quandary. Any comments on any of the 4 points would be helpful. 1. Quartzscape finish put on, acid washed and then water added today. Just looks like cement. Owner of co. and head worker had told me since day one that after pool is full we will see pattern (St. Martin). But when job was done and water was about to be added, I asked again, how long to see pattern? Was told one to two years. What? 2. We have fresh water/ozone pool. Will this inhibit the exposure since it is chemical free? Contractor new this fact. 3. The tiles on steps were replaced with new ones and in resurfacing they ground the product across the tiles over and over so they are screatched deep, everywhere even to the point that the shiny surface is completely gone on many of them. The old tile they removed had no scratches at all. The new tile looks like it has been through a war. Contractor says it doesn't matter because the water will make it look ok. But then why did we pay for new tile that looks infinitely worse than the old? We could have left it as is. Is this unreasonable? Is the new tile always destroyed on install? 4. The steps had nice clean crisp edges. When they demo'd the steps (took off decorative tile) they smashed the edges pretty bad. I asked the owner why and he said it was to remove loose concrete. I asked if they would be able to restore the edges as crisp as they were before and he laughed and said of course. The edges look like a kid did it - they are wavy and have indents along the way. I was told it was not a big deal and it would look ok when water was added. Is this normal procedure My pool guy says industry standards are +/- 1/8" so even if it isn't even it looks even to the naked eye. We are still filling and it's dark so I don't know if they water will make it look better or more extreme with the wave and glare. Contractor is telling me this is all the way it should be and I have no right to ask these rude questions. Pool surface photo to follow.

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Sample of quartzscape in pool. Lighter colors= cloud reflection. Color is even - cement color and quartzscape sample has specks of different colors.

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tile/step area. All tiles were new and shiny dark blue before install. Many dull matte now as surface either scratched or just sanded off.

Apologies, too tired to correct spelling in first post. I have college degree, just been beaten up all day over this.

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