Re: Alice I discovered a prblem with Salt today???

CigarLoverOctober 18, 2012


I made a surprising discovery today when doing a check-up on the new Softener. It's been about 10 days since install & the brine tank was empty, no salt left? When we installed the system we added 2-40Lb. bags of pellets. So 80 Lb. of salt gone in 10 days? What's really strange is that I checked on it on Saturday the day before the first Regen was scheduled to happen (7 days) & it looked good plenty of damp salt. The other issue is the Fleck valve was blinking the time & BW so I re-set the valve & waited until the Regen happened at 2am Monday morning. Again today the valve was blinking the current time & BW again? The good news is we have soft water but checking it multiple times with strips we are at 1-2Gpg of hardness. I also included a pic of the brine tank when I made the surprising discovery that all the salt was gone. Sorry to bug ya with this issue, but I am not sure what to do now with the Softener? I did re-set it again before I left & put all the salt pellets I had left on hand (only about 20Lbs.)

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Sorry my pic didn't attach the first post...

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What do you mean by "reset the valve?"

Time of day flashes when a power failure has occurred. Pressing any button should stop the flashing. During a power failure, the valve will stay in whatever position it was in when the failure occurred. Is something going on with your UPS?

Go in to Master Programming mode and page through - write down all the settings and let's verify all is correct there.

Do me a favor - let's keep further questions on the thread with the bulk of your information - I need to look at the details you have provided previously and it is easier if it's all in one place.

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