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GoofyYnoFebruary 4, 2011


I have a few general questions that I thought I'd ask here. The first one is what are good dimensions for a sport pool to play basketball/volleyball in? (I'm sure any size would work, but ...)

second I had a thought of an elevated spa, which would overflow drain into a long narrow "lap pool" say 20' x 5' which would drain into the play pool. in one vision the "lap pool" and the play pool would be connected. in another, the lap part would be either partially or entirely above ground. Like some of the european pools that look like fountains. I'm assuming the cost of the above ground would be a lot more. would you estimate it as a lot more, or just a little.

if it matters, I live in scottsdale, az.

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Hi Goofy,
Also in Scottsdale.
If you have the space that can be done very cool.
Pool raised up is a little more, not tremendous. Where you end up spending most of the extra money is doing a cap on it, and how you finish the face.

If you are in a hard dig area, then it can be a wash sometimes.

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