How long do cats grow?

glaserberlDecember 16, 2008

We know that Bob is quite young (over 8 month, but younger than 2 according to the vet), but it seems to me that he is still growing. When we brought him home he was the same height as Coby. Yesterday they stood next to each other and Bob is clearly taller than Coby. Can almost 3 weeks of good nutrition cause a growth spurt? :)


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Good nutrition would be Innova Evo, Ziwi peak,Orijen,Instincts or a raw meat,bones,organs diet.

Growth can be different for all cats, most grow out by 2 some take until 3. A few purebreds take as long as 4 or 5 but this is coat, not body size which is in full growth at 2 or 3. it all depends on how healthy the mother was during pregnancy/kitten nursing, genetics, how well you feed/ect..

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Good nutrition can definitely trigger a late growth spurt in a young cat who was previously malnourished. I suspect, though, that if your kitten is actually growing taller, which indicates skeletal growth rather than just muscle development, that he's closer to 8 mos than he is to 2 yrs. He'll probably stop getting taller pretty soon, but he may continue to fill out his adult muscle mass for another year.


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Different breeds have different growth rates. My Ragdolls took 3 years to fully develop, about 2 1/2 to become their full size and another 6 months for their color to really set in.

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Thanks everybody.
Runswalken, my guys are eating Evo.

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Good- Its different for every cat. About 3 years max, 2 is more average.

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