Grey water line clogged again

sloigoOctober 28, 2010

We had our grey water lines cleared in the spring of this year....tons of roots inside line & outside. We have had a drought this year (almost 20 inches low on rain) & our lines are plugged AGAIN! It's about $200. to have the line cleaner guy out, i'm tired of tossing my money away when the dang pine trees will just keep doing this! The line NOW is the old clay tiles that just sit side by side. There are about 5 pine trees planted on top of of or near the grey line. The deepest part of the line is about 6-7 feet where it comes out of the house. The ditch witch only goes about 36" from what I have seen. Is there any other option other than hand digging or getting a mini-excavator? This area is also a sloped area after about 25 feet, just to make things a little more difficult! I have solid black PVC line I can USE, it's JUST getting to the DEEP part of the line in this hard clay dirt. THANKS!! Karen

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There are systems where they can sleeve your existing pipe in situ without digging, but I don't imagine it's cheap.

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