Faucet caps with words Hot and Cold

gaviota_galOctober 31, 2012

We just moved into a house and the bathroom has two sinks and the faucets each have four prong handles. One set of handles has white caps with the words Hot and Cold and the caps are missing from the other set of handles. How can I find replacements? The caps measure between 7/8 and 1", hard for me to measure exactly. I have a photo but I haven't been able to attach it :(

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I think I may have found how to post the photo of the faucet handle caps. Here goes.

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First I'd check around to see if a plumber left them in a drawer or something. Or find out the brand and just order them. I would contact the seller for brand info.

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BTW, I think they "might" be from restoration hardware a couple years ago.

Another way to go would be to remove one and measure, etc. You can pull them up with your fingernail or the blade of a utility knife (gently).

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Hi homebound: Thanks so much for the Restoration Hardware suggestion. The past owners are nowhere to be found. I will try RH and check. I think four of the bathroom mirrors may be from there so that is a great guess and I hadn't thought of it. I also appreciate the tip on how to remove the caps. I was sort of afraid to damage them. You make it sound easy so I'll give it a go.

Any other ideas? Either Internet or Los Angeles or Orange or San Diego County sources are all a possibility. Thanks.

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Take one of the handles that are missing the caps off and take it to you local ACE or True Value hardware store. Most of them keep a great assortment of generic caps that will match the originals. If you don't find them there, go to a real Plumbing Supply House.

Don't even waste your time with Lowes or Home Depot,,that is not a high demand item and it is doubtful if they would even know where to get them.

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Thanks for the info lazy pup; I'll try Restoration hardware now and try to get to Ace tonight. I appreciate the tip.

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If you are on Gaviota in L.B. or Signal Hill, there is Don Miller on Redondo, Ferguson on paramount north of the 9!, and COD on Cherry north of South St.
Since the shape of the handle is so generic, you might want to take one of the stems with you, as a further identifier.

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Hi snoonyb: Thanks for the leads. I am a seagull lover, I don't live on the street by that name. Gaviota is Spanish for seagull. But I could easily travel to Long Beach and I appreciate the tip. I'm awaiting response from Restoration Hardware to see if they have any old caps that look like these. I hate to pay their prices but they offer good service and are researching it for me. I think now that the faucets are from them, just a few years back. If they don't have any old ones, and I can't find any from anywhere else that match, the gentleman at RH suggested I could remove these and replace both pairs with new ones. It is just that they are very expensive since you have to buy the entire metal piece they sit in and I don't like the new ones as much as they are printed faintly rather than the Vintage bold look of the ones I have.

I will try your sources to see if they have any that match. I will also go next week to Crown City Hardware in Pasadena. THey have a lot of odd restoration things and always amaze me. I had forgotten about them and a friend just reminded me.

I would love other suggestions. I'm sure there are people out there who have stashes of caps. I just need one pair :)
Thanks to all.

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Where in the LA basin are you, what city?

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I sent an e-mail to the company that made the faucets in my house and they sent me the caps for free.

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To graywings: I wish that would happen with Restoration Hardware. The house has a few of their bathroom fixtures and mirrors. They were installed by the people who remodeled the house. Two bathroom lights, three faucets and five mirrors were in the house but the folks who we purchased from took one of the mirrors...I thought they couldn't do that but they did along with three cabinets. :(
I just hope RH can match the dark print on the set we have. If not, it may be too expensive to buy two sets from them and I may have to look elsewhere for something that will fit. We have had so many repairs to do that there just isn't the money to buy two new quality faucets and this bathroom would be very nice except fot he caps missing.

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Provided they're close, if they're all the same in each room, you're not going to notice. Ok, you might, but no-one else will.

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Hi Alan, that's the problem, it is the master bath and both faucets are on the same vanity. It wouldn't look right to have two different colors.

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So it's about one year later since this post began... and it seems I have the exact same problem... The posted photo shows the same faucet I have and both caps have broken (how does that happen?).

Did you ever have any success?


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I never posted the results of my search for Hot and Cold
buttons! I am ashamed of myself.

A couple of GardenWeb members suggested that the faucet might be from Restoration Hardware. I went there and they were correct. RH still sells the handles with the buttons but they are totally different colors, not the black we had but a soft gray print. I was so lucky. I was able to buy (I think a pair was $15) a set of the porcelain buttons .
I was dealing with RH in Pasadena, CA and two of the sales people there took a great deal of time to order the buttons and show me how to get them off and replace them and I am grateful to them.

I only know this area but we have a great bathroom/kitchen store called Mission Kitchen and Bath on Mission St in So. Pasadena and they sell several different faucets with the Hot and Cold buttons. I would suggest calling them and asking for Adrienne to see if she could order something for you if for some reason RH doesn't work for you.

Thanks also to the person who suggested I carefully measure the buttons as there are different sizes.

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