Downsides of Quartz sparklie nuggets in counter?

caveman_mikeMarch 10, 2013

I don't know the proper name for those sparkling things that look like diamond chips in the Cambria quartz counter I saw recently.

1) What are they called?

2) Any downsides or issues with them? They seemed cool, and immediately tipped me off that I wasn't looking at a Formica counter.

I'm leaning towards something like Cambria Somerset (at least in color):

I don't know yet if they have something similar that does have those sparkle chips. I located a showroom which has Cambria and am going there next weekend.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cambria

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Mike, order a couple of samples from Cambria - mine came in about a week, and I've enjoyed looking at a 12"x12" sample in our kitchen under different light conditions.

Those little 2"x3" samples at the store just don't cut it.

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No downside for me, other than frequently mistaking them for crumbs . . .

I have Bristol Blue, and the sparkles look great in that dark, dark blue.

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Sophie Wheeler

They are actual quartz crystals. Can't think of a downside to them other than you may not want to place any loose diamonds on the counter or you may not find them easily. Cambria is pretty awesome---and USA made, the ONLY quartz surface that is.

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Molly Phillips

Actually, hollysprings, LG Viatera is made in the USA. I'm not sure all of the tops are but the one I've ordered specifically says made in the USA.

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Good thing I don't have any diamonds :-)

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