So devasted from my dog's sudden death

leebartDecember 11, 2012

December 8, 2012, I thought it was just a simple day. It was my two shih tzu's (JIGO and BASTI) schedule for grooming. I dropped them to a pet grooming shop then went directly to our business.

Then mid-afternoon, I received a call from the shop informing me that JIGO had collapsed when he was being bathe. I panicked and decided to drive the car as fast as I can to see what his condition. On my way, I received another call that he could hardly breathe. In the car, I was already crying. When I reached the shop, the Vet came to me and declared that JIGO was gone.

That moment, I didn't know what and how to react. I was deeply shocked. Then I cried. I didn't care if people would see and hear how loud my cry was.

JIGO, when he came to my life, it was my birthday. He was a birthday present from my partner. He was so tiny looking and seemed fragile to me. The moment I saw him, I know I liked him but was confused whether I could really takes care of him.

He taught me how to become responsible. Everyday, I was so excited to go home just to see him. He was just excited to see me too. Though I always had a long drive home from work, all the tired muscles would perished every time he licked and kissed me. I seldom go out because I don't want him left at home. For 3.5 years, I was so attached to him.

When we make decisions, he was always to be considered. When we bought him, we decided to buy a car because we always wanted him to come with us during travels. When we bought a condo, we made sure that dogs are allowed. It was just so painful that we are moving this January 2013, and we was no longer there.

He always mediates whenever my partner and I had misunderstandings. He can sensed that. Whenever I see JIGO's face, all my angers were gone. I can't resist his charm.

And now he's gone. I know there is still BASTI. Don't get me wrong, I also love BASTI very much. But JIGO has something that BASTI could not give.

I was so hard to get over. Even at work, I was caught staring at blank walls.

People surrounds us would want to give us another dog but I know that will not solve the problem, so I beg off.

Right now, I still cry whenever I think of him. I always cry inside the car because he was always beside me when I drive. I know it's a process that I have to undergo before I could move on. We decided to cremate him so we could still bring him home.

JIGO will always be a member of our family. We brought joy to all the people who saw him. He will always be our lucky charm. When he arrived, things went well in our lives. We were able to establish a business, bought a car, and bought a new home.

Happy thoughts with him had been helping me to move on. I know he was also happy to live with us even for a short time. I'm just thinking that maybe he has reached his purpose with us that is why he had to go.

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Oh how very sad - my sympathies - I cannot imagine what a horrible shock it be to get news like that from out of the blue. Even if you're more ready for it it can still be very hard when the time comes.

You will know when the time is right for a new dog to come into your life and hopefully people around you will understand - it wouldnt be fair to the new dog. Grief is something that happens in its own time - can take many months... our pets all unique, not like they can be easily replaced.

In the meantime take care of yourself and Basti - cherish the memories - the time you shared on earth with your wonderful dog and the love between you will never die. Some say we'll be with our pets again - yknow I kind of tend to believe that!

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First, I am VERY sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose a pet. It's horrible, and takes a long time to get over. With this happening near Christmas makes it even worse. I am really very sorry this happened.

Was he 3.5 yrs old? That is very young. Was he in good health BEFORE you handed him over to the groomers?

Him dying suddenly while he was under groomer care seems very suspicious to me. I have heard groomers will sedate dogs to get them to calm down enough so they can work with them. I would suspect they overdosed him or he had an allergic reaction. If it is still possible, I would take him to the vet (not the vet at the groomers - a different unbiased vet) and see if they can find any traces of whatever sedatives they gave him. It is very doubtful the groomer will admit to anything. If you can prove they were negligent, I would be going after them.

In the meantime, do not let your other dog go there again. Learn how to groom your own dogs - it's not that hard. I have been grooming mine for years all because of a bad haircut. I now do their paws, trim their nails, bathe them and give them hair cuts. I have gotten pretty good at it now. It saves you a lot of money, it assures that nobody will mistreat them, and it builds a stronger bond between you and your pet.

I know its very sad, and you're going through a lot. Give all your love to your other pup and know that one day you will be reunited with Jigo.

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I'm so very sorry. I would not use that groomer ever again.

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I feel your pain and sadness. All who have lost a pet feel as you do and it will fade in time. Talking about your loss and writing to us will soothe. We are all here with you.

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I'm so sorry about JIGO. What a special dog he must have been, it sounds like he had a very profound impact on your life- making you a better person.

There was a commercial that ran a few years back that stays with me, it said something to the effect of, "We have our pets only for a short time, but they stay with us forever." Isn't that the truth.

And I understand about how much you love BASTI, but that there was something special between you and JIGO. They are all special and important to us in their own ways, but some affect us more than others, especially when they make us better people or teach us something new, perhaps about our own character.

My deepest condolences and ((((HUGS)))).

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Thanks for replying my email. I felt the sincerity in every words you all had written. I really appreciate your concerns. Every morning when I woke up, I still feel the deep pain that Jigo was no longer there; eager waiting for me to get up.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Jigo. I just lost my cat suddenly on Sunday. Like you, I have other pets - 2 other cats and 2 dogs. But, my cat Raku, was probably my favorite even though I love them all.

I still have his sister Bindi and honestly, my bond with her has grown so much in the past few days. They had been with each other since before I adopted them (about 10 years) and she spent most of her time in search of him (now in search of me). I hope the same will happen for you and Basti. Just remember that Basti needs a lot of TLC right now too. For me spending time with Bindi knowing that we are both going through missing him has given me so much comfort.

Another note, when I have had animals pass in the past, I write a journal. The pages about what happened surrounding their death doesn't matter, it is just a release. But, the parts you write about stories of them and all their little quirks, you may cherish forever. I know I do. When Raku passed, I opened my pet journal. Morpheus, another cat, died a year and half ago. I started reading her stories and quirks and it was so comforting. I thought I would die when she passed. However, with time I am able to read the stories and about her and they make me smile so much. Bringing back such great memories. Some things you will never forget, but in the short time since I lost her, I had forgotten some stories, but vividly remembered them after reading my journal. Just something helpful for me that you may want to keep in mind.

Finally, I don't know if you question the groomer/vet and what happened as another poster mentioned it. I questioned my vet A LOT after it happened - why wasn't more done, why wasn't the mass treated, was it heart failure, on, and on, and on. Was almost driving myself crazy until I said enough is enough and went to my vet with all my questions. We talked for 20-30 minutes. I felt so much better. If you do have questions, my only suggestion is maybe try to ask the vet who witnessed it first. They probably will sit down and talk to you as it likely shocked them too and they may also have answers for you if you still have questions.

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I am so sad by your story. I understand.
I lost my female boxer last year and less than one
year later my male boxer passed away. It has been almost
2 months since my male passed. I miss him so much.
And I miss her too.

You are not alone. Our dogs are the closest piece of
heaven we can have on Earth.

May Basti comfort you in the days ahead. There is no
doubt that Basti is suffering the loss of Jigo too.
I watched my male's heart break when he lost his female
partner. He was younger than she but left early our world
to be with her again.

Hug Basti tight and know you both miss her too.

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