HELP! where should we make the opening for the washer?

cflahertyOctober 25, 2011

we are smack dab in the middle of a major kitchen, mudd and bathroom remodel. our current question relates to the mudd room, specifically the hoses from our FL washer unit to the wall where water supply and drain will be (see pics). I need help! where on the cabinet should we place a 3+ inch hole in the cabinet. the cabinet will be holding be a 22" W by a 9.5" Deep sink in a 24" cabinet the front loader washer and front loader dryer?

Concern#1: we are placing a sink in the cabinet that is 9.5 inches deep and 22 inches wide....will there be enough room for both hot and cold water hoses and drain hose not to get kinked?

Concern#2: should the drain hose (where water leaves the pipe) be higher or lower as the water empties into the drain?

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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#1. from the pictures, I'd say that after installing the sink, you won't have adequate, if any, access to the water shut-off, hose connections or standpipe.
I'd have the washer water supply come from the lower pipes that you have for the sink, and have the washer empty into the sink.
#2. The standpipe is high enough, your owners manual can tell you the minimum, but that's not your problem.

BTW; that receptacle needs to be GFCI protected.

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Hey randy427! Thx for your response. We ended up cutting a small "u" figure in the upper back side of the cabinet and the hoses sit in the groove of the "u" which I still have to line w something o the water lines/tubing doesnt rub against the wood. We ended up having plenty of room thank goodness. I will pos pics so other folks my learn this also.

Yes our Electrician is coming back to do all the finish stuff... breakers etc...when everyone else is GONE!

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