Lamps in a Floating Furniture Plan

beth0301April 10, 2013

I want to float a couple of comfy ready chairs in front of my fireplace. The room has no overhead lighthing, though I'm debating changing that.

I envisioned a cozy table between the chairs with a nice 3 way lamp - dim for ambiance, bright for reading. Then, duh, it occured to me that there's no outlet in the middle of the room.

I can use an area rug to cover the cord (I know, I know, a big no no) but the last 3 or 4 feet to the wall will be visable. I guess just get a brown cord so it blends with the dark walnut floor?

A battery operated lamp would probably be insanely expensive to run (not to metion tedious changing the batteries out so often), right?

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If you use a rug, you'll need to buy a nice/thick rug pad. Cut rug pad where the cord goes to make place for the cord - this give the cord and pad the same depth, so once the rug is place over the cut pad, the cord won't bump the rug. You can use some sort of tape to hold down cord in places, if you'd like.

As long as you're NOT walking over the rug/pad/cord, it will be okay. The danger is when they are place in traffic areas and walking over/on the cord damages it over time, possibly causing a fire.

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An electrician can put in a floor outlet for you right under where you place the table and lamp. Safe from causing a fire under a rug or tripping over the cord. Plus it just looks better than seeing a cord coming from under a rug across a floor.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Don't do it....if you think a cord across the floor is ugly, think how ugly it will be when your house catches fire.

If you must run the cord and not get a floor socket installed, then you should run the cord on top of the carpet and protect it with a rubber threshold.

Yes it's ugly, but safe....that's why you call the electrician and get the floor plug installed....

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What Annie said. What you are proposing is a leading cause of house fires.

Have an electrician do a floor outlet for you. It's cheaper than fighting the insurance company for a fire claim due to willful negligence.

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