best dog door?

k9fanDecember 2, 2011

I posted the following about a month ago in the remodeling forum and someone suggested I repost here. Still haven't ordered the dog door. Of the replies I got, the plexidoor got the most recommendations (2).

The prices are higher than I expected for all the dog doors -- around $500 -- but I guess that will be okay for a one-time expenditure, if it really pays off in sturdiness and insulation. (Quietness would be nice, too.)

I'd like to get other people's thoughts, so if you strongly recommend or recommend against a brand of dog door, please let me know.


Original post:

One of the many things we must choose for our remodel is which in-wall dog door to have the contractor install. With all the insulation that is going in, we want a door that won't create a big energy leak as well as one that is reasonably attractive (or at least unobtrusive).

Right now my attention has gone to these two models:

Oops -- just noticed this one, too:

We like the very low-key look of the Dogwalk brand and we like the fact that it's intended to be installed in a wall, but I'm not finding many reviews for it. The Ideal brand has a lot of good reviews, but we like the look less. Also, it seems to have been designed for installation in a door, although there is a wall kit available for it. I'm not sure if that makes it less likely to work optimally.

The Endura got the highest rating from the website all these links came from. I don't love the look, but I suppose performance is the major consideration.

Does anyone have experience with any of these doors, or comments about other brands? One other thing that I think it important is that the flap be replaceable, as I know from experience that they can get pretty disgusting over time.

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I was one of the replies on the other forum and still have to stick with the Hale. :~)

Only problem I see (for me) with the Plexidoor is that the doors appear to be a solid acrylic. I once owned a solid acrylic model and had a dog try to back up while she was half way thru the door. It pinned her, she panicked and in the process ended up twisting the whole frame. Don't know how sore her sides were!

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the first thing you must do is be sure you get the proper size. as you can see, unfortunately my first dog door was not quite big enough...

since the dog door was not the proper size, swee' pea just figured out how to push on the door handle with her nose and let herself out the kitchen door...

i finally decided to bite the bullet and have a proper dog dog door installed...

both of my danes figured it out in very short order. of course, i am kidding about the first picture. that was the dog door my corgis used when they were alive. :)

the door i had installed in the wall, i found here...

they were absolutely wonderful to work with, very helpful and the wall door is amazing! it was right around $500, every penny well worth it. the one i chose, at their recommendation, has two flaps, about 6" apart. the double flap is more energy efficient. there are plenty of magnets to hold the flaps closed. there is, of course, also a locking panel that can be slid in for when you want to keep your dog in and boogie men out. ;)

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We chose the Hale pet door that mounts in a window. It is fantastic!
My skeptical husband even remarked how well designed it is. We mounted it in about 15 minutes. The 2 flaps do a fantastic job at keeping out drafts.
As a bonus, Hale donated 10 percent of the purchase price to the Rescue where I adopted my dog.
We have 4 dogs, from German Shepherd to Bichon Frise, and they all have no issues with the double flap. We've only had it for 2 months or so, so I can't speak to flap durability. They seem really sturdy, though.
The biggest negative is the price. We paid over 600 dollars for the one we got, but after we installed it and realized that we wouldn't need to wear parkas while doing the laundry, we didn't mind the expense.

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Oh my goodness, now people are favoring Hale :-) Guess I will just have to make up my mind and order one or the other.

@ninapearl, I love your photos, especially that first one!

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NP, you're too funny! I got a giggle out of the pic of your Dane trying to peek out that little door.

We could never have a doggie door here, crime is rampant here and we'd be burgled in no time. And with how my shelties bark, they could easily get hurt or worse by a crackhead coming in the back doggie door...

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pea is such a character!

as for being burgled, my dog door has a panel that slides in and locks. i NEVER leave the dog door open when i am gone as my dogs are not allowed outside unless i am home to supervise them. it would be easier for a burglar to just break the glass out of a window and get in than it would be for him to come through the dog door, even though it's big enough for a human to crawl through!

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