laughing... trading toys for food

cindyandmochaDecember 26, 2009

So tonight I'm laughing. Mocha has begun this behavior for 2 years now, but tonight he was at his worst.

I always cook a big holiday dinner, and over the past 3 years, my ball-insane aussie Mocha has taken to trying to "trade" his toys for treats.

Whenever I am cooking something he really wants (like making chicken or turkey stock out of the neck bones and gizzards), he suddenly shows up in the kitchen with one of his many tennis balls.

He proceeds to repeatedly throw his tennis ball at me with his mouth, then promptly sit and grin - hoping I will throw a chicken treat back to him.

I was particularly tickled tonight when my single neice came to spend christmas with us. She sat down with her plate (in the living room - we were watching a movie together - she's only 3 yrs younger than me), and Mocha came clickclickclick up to her... and


spat out his tennis ball at her......... smacked his butt on the tile floor.....

and sat grinning..........

like "I'll give you my tennis ball if you give me that turkey leg"

It was hilarious..... and now he does it a LOT.....

trade time??? he's such an entrepeneur.

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That is one intelligent pooch -- he has you well trained! LOL

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I kept picturing him doing that in my head--too cute!

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My little Tubby, a shelter rescue, does that too. He lays a well-loved toy next to his dog dish and waits, staring at us. He'll let us take the toy if we insist on trading it for food, but if we don't do that and lay the food down next to the toy, well........our bad. He wants them both.

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Too cute,. I love my cats, but none of them is nearly as entertaining ;)

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ohhh this reminds me of my Aussie. He was ball crazy too. If you ignored him because you were talking with someone else, he would escallate his efforts to try and get your attention.
Here is the scene.
I am standing there talking with a friend, Kona has a ball and has been playing around with a neighbor kid, the kid leaves. Kona comes over, and taps you on the foot with his paw. Im engrossed in the conversation. he taps a it higher and a bit harder. Finally after the fourth tap where he whacked a thigh, he is fed up with being ignored and crams the ball into my crotch (or anyone else's) - it always works, since nobody can ignore a slobbery ball being shoved at their crotch. My advise, trade treats now so your dog doesnt ramp up the trick like mine did :-)

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lol.. he reminds me of one of those gals on a Game Show that wave their hands over the prizes for the "oooh and Ahhh" factor. He tosses those tennis balls like, "look what I**** have.. Don't you wish you had a great tennis ball like this?? It can be YOURS for the low low price of a chicken neck!"

Lol Mazer, you are sooo right. He's not utterly obnoxious about it, but I swear it cracks me up. I should end it before it gets worse. The funnier part to me is that none of my other 2 do anything like this - only the aussie. Those aussies are such CLOWNS. The other 2 don't make sounds or whine. This guy is soooo vocal. And the "trading" thing is too over the top.

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Right you are, so smart and so funny how they try and reason with you. Almost like come on, I know you are smart enough to get what IM telling you....priceless. Beware tho. my Bull Mastiff Husky mix has taught my friends Chihuahuas all sorts of weird stuff they never did BEFORE they starting hanging out together.

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