Looking for pool builder recommendations

lhilFebruary 8, 2013

We are just now starting our search for good reputable pool builders..we live in Cypress, Tx. We want a contemporary style pool, which seems a little harder to find a PB with these type of pools on their sites. Has anyone used any of the following PB? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Texas Pools
The Pool Man
Paragon Pools
Custom Outdoors

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Hi! We're also looking at a contemporary style pool in the Cypess area. A Link to a thread is at the bottom of this message

We're having a similar dilemma to you trying to find someone that specializes in contemporary designs.

Of the builder's you've listed I know the Pool Man has a very good reputation locally. Other names that appear to be coming up consistently as good builders are:

Cypress Custom Pools
Best Backyard Pools
Atlantis Pools
Hipp Pools
Perry Pools

Cypress Custom Pools and Best Backyard pools both have some more contemporary pools on their websites but like I said all the names above seem to have a really good reputation round here

Hope that helps a little, sorry i can't give my personal experience as we're in the same phase as you and have just started looking at the moment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cypress Contemporary pool thread

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Welcome lindahildreth,
As you can see from the other thread, cbink & I are also in the same boat and in Cypress.
I am on Spring cypress+barkercypress.
I have browsed this forum for past few days and have found that people here on the forum have been happy with
Atlantis Pool ( Kelly - huskyrider )
Best Backyard ( womanowned )
Hipp Pools.

Both you & cbink are welcoem to e-mail me anytime thru the forum.

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Thanks cbink and goestros! I will look into the websites from some of the PB's above. Please let me know if you guys decide on someone...

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Hi Linda,

Have you come to any decisions on this? I met Custom Outdoors at the Cy-Fair home & garden show and they seem to build nice pools. Hard to find much in terms of reviews of them though.

I think it's going on the back burner for me until this time next year, so that it can be a cash (or at least majority cash) purchase.

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No luck so far. I've spoken to Paragon pools, but still waiting to see what design they come up with. They've been really busy. I've also had the pool man come out and custom outdoors as well.

We are very visual, so whoever comes up with the best design will probably get our business. Hoping to see something that meets are needs soon so that we can get the ball rolling before summer gets here! Have you had anyone come out to your home?

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Not yet. We have been spending a lot of time researching as we'd like to coordinate the whole landscaping process, even if we don't get it all done at once. I've spoken to a few but not had anyone come out yet as I think it's going to be a 2014 project now.

We have a blank canvas (1/3rd acre lot, nothing but grass, no trees, shrubs, anything...) and want to add an outdoor kitchen, pool and landscaping so I hear you on the visualization. The pool is the priority but we want to plan ahead so the plumbing, electrics etc are taken care of when the pool is put in so that we don't end up having to rip up decking etc and so that we know that the final yard will be functional and look good.

Have you come across pool studio? It seems a fair few companies use it to provide the 3D representations you see. The demo version is free but you can't save. It's $95/month to lease. I'm pretty handy with drawings so I've picked it up quite quickly. It's been really useful to us to visualize the space. I'm just running the demo.

EDIT: I've attached a youtube link to a pool studio presentation

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Studio presentation on youtube

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whatever suggestion you get and what suggestions you are using share your experience here...

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So after waiting 3 weeks, paragon pools have called and are backed up. Really disappointed to wait that long to come and find out they are too busy and to me seems like they had no intentions of working with us. Too busy for a cash deal $75-80k! On to the next pool builders!

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My neighbor used Suncor for his pool and they did a good job. I used Atlantis Pools for mine but was also very impressed with David at Perry Pools. Mine is a lagoon style pool but I'm sure all 3 can build what you want.

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Just a mention for those of you looking for a PB to handle the building of your pool plus the landscaping and other outdoor structures, you are likely paying a lot more than you need to. In my case, when I am building pool projects, my clients are encouraged to hire professional landscapers and those who specialize in outdoor kitchens, pergolas, etc. When I handle all of the aspects, there is a mark-up for me to be the middle man. Why pay me to be involved? Just a thought

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It's been a while since I've been on the forum. Good to see a lot of the same people here. We used Kelly Simpson with Atlantis Pools out of Magnolia. After he built our pool, he's built several other pools for friends of ours and have heard nothing but good things from them as well. Anyone heard from huskyridor lately?

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Dena Walters

We are in the process now of haveing a pool and an outdoor kitchen put in, both by our PB. Our PB is Regal Pools in the Woodlands. They shot the gunite yesterday and I absolutely Love everything they have done so far. On top of doing great work the PB's are absolutely Wonderful to work with! You can see my pool build progression on my post.

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Hi travis...do you mind if I ask if your pool was free form or geometric? Thanks!

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After researching on this site for months and getting quotes from PB's recommended on this site I picked Kathy Best of Best Backyard Pools. She did an excellent job. If you want someone who replies same day, often within minutes, uses top of the line equipment ( Pentair) and completes your pool within a month due to efficient scheduling chose Best Backyard pools.

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@travis turner...I'm using Kelly @ Atlantis Pools currently. I asked him why he doesn't frequent these forums anymore and he stated he keeps getting kicked off for "spamming." I think he got tired of having to re-create his username. Anyhow - he's alive and kicking. We are happy so far with them as a PB. Great design and very competitive pricing.

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Linda, did you move forward on this in the end?
I have also come across Marquise pools and looked round one in our neighborhood just yesterday in fact. I think they build more within the loop but their pools are very nice and the pool I had a look around was one of the nicest pools I have seen. The owner was very friendly and is very happy with the pool. They did drop a lot of money on it though and it really shows as it's beautifully finished.

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Good to hear Kelly is still out there. Too bad about the forum. It's not nearly as good without him here.

Linda...freeform. I will try to remember how to post a pic.

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Let's try this...

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Did you manage to find a PB/design that you like?
I ended up going forward with Grand Isle Pools as he presented a great design, was very friendly and open to our requirements and appears to build good pools (we went a saw a good few pools he has built, plus there are a couple in our neighborhood that we know the owners of and were able to speak to them freely about the whole process).

Good luck!

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