A fun practice project to learn how to run PVC or copper

lazypupSeptember 6, 2012

Here is a fun little project I made up to teach how to fit PVC or Copper..it is also an excellant tool to learn how to solder copper, especially if you start with scrap copper pipe that is old & tarnished.

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No cup holders?

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I have another one around here somewhere that is made out of CPVC and I drilled a hole in the elbow on the front end of the left arm, then I formed a cup holder out of solder and hung in the hole.

When my daughter was about 8yrs old I made her a table & four dinning chairs for her dolls out of copper.

After I retired 4 yrs ago I still keep my hand in the works by teaching some of the apprenticeship classes and we found this was a fun project to teach ppl how to cut and fit pipe. It is really not as easy as it looks because there are a lot of different angles that all have to be correct.

When I was in the Air Force I was a still photographer and for a short time after I got out I worked as a freelance photographer so after I retired 5 years ago I took up photography once again as a hobby. I made this particular chair to fit an 18" high stuffed animal frog, which I photograph doing different things then I make a cartoon out of it.

I will attach a couple examples:

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I don't see any purple primer on the chair Lazypup.

I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to red tag you. Call the office when you are ready to be re-inspected.



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Code says you have to use primer, but it does not say you have to use purple primer.

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I'm only a DIY plumber, but i've made a lot of pvc furniture and quilting frames. The cuts do have to be precise. It's just about got too expensive to make anymore.

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