Comments on pool proposal?

epjenkJanuary 31, 2012

We are in Middle TN

Contractor proposes to furnish all equipment, labor, materials and services necessary to construct a 40 x 22 gunite swimming pool with diving envelope.

Scope of Work for this Proposal Includes:

All permitting & inspections related to pool construction

Pool, pool-equipment, & controls as outlined in the "POOL CONSTRUCTION AND


Installation of gas and electric supply line routed to pool equipment pad by TN licensed gas and electrical contractor

Connection of pool equipment to sub-panel at equipment pad by TN licensed

electrical contractor

Connection of gas supply line to the pool heater at equipment pad by a TN licensed gas contractor

Automatic water leveler feature (Supply line and back-flow preventer not included)

250 LF of temporary pool barricade/fencing

Labor and material necessary initiate/stabilize chemistry of the pool/spa water

8 weeks continued pool maintenance after pool is filled

The total price for all equipment, labor, material, and services included in this agreement is $70,000.00. Payment will be made as outlined in the signed "PAYMENT SCHEDULE/VALUES."

______________ _______ ______________ _______

Submitted By date Accepted By date

Pool Dimensions: 22 x 40

Depth: 8 ft. 6" at deep-end; 3 ft. 6" at shallow-end

Steel Application: #3 Rebar 10" O.C.

Shell: Gunite construction with minimum 7" walls and floors. Tile: Owners choice $12.00 per square foot allowance Coping: 12" wide Tumbled Travertine


Pool Plumbing:

2 Skimmers- 2" Schedule 40 PVC

2 Main Drains- 2 1âÂÂ2in. Schedule 40 PVC

6 Adjustable Wall Returns- 2" Schedule 40 PVC 1 Automatic Cleaner Line- 2" Schedule 40 PVC

Pool Equipment:

2 Water Way surface skimmers

2 Main Circulation Drains 8"

6 Adjustable Wall Returns

1 PENTAIR WHISPERFLO 1HP FILTER PUMP 1 PENTAIR MATERTEMP 400,000 BTU heater 1 Jandy 580 SF Cartridge Filter


1 Automatic water fill/auto drain

1 Polaris "Roving" Automatic Pool Cleaner

1 PENTAIR Salt-cell

The estimate to add a spa is an additional $25k- which seems crazy high to me! This estimate does not include the decking for the pool.

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The Jandy filter makes no sense with the rest of the gear Pentair. Changing to a Pentair filter will make the 1 year equipment warranty a 3 year warranty.

No mention of the bond beam, which should have a mention of added thickness and reinforcement has me raising an eyebrow, Mr. Spock style.

Which Polaris?

What size salt cell?

What brand lights? Again, making them Pentair puts them in the 3 year warranty.

Any mention of soil conditions? i.e. rock, water, heavy clay... being covered during excavation or remedial costs if found?


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There is a rock clause excluding excavation cost. In our area, no pool builder will sign without one. I a already anticipating that will not be pretty since we hit 3k in rock moving our septic tank last summer to make space for where the pool will go.
Thank you for the comments, especially on the warranty issue!

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I would also suggest everything Pentair even the skimmers because later when you need a new basket you will have trouble finding a Waterway. 70k on the high end with regular plaster that has no warranty.You should request one that does like Diamond Brite. Were are you in Tn I'm in Knoxville...

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I dont know how prices in TN are but this seems high for what you are getting. The pool is pretty large so that may be why.

You should get bids from at least 3 pool builders.We got 5 which was a lot of work. We also asked everyone we knew who had a pool to recommend builders. Our quotes ranged from 40K-90K.

We are in austin, where pool prices are pretty high .We dug through solid rock the whole way but only dug down about 4 ft. You can look at our specs in my austin tx pool build post.

Net is that ours is 64K including pebble sheen, spa, 17x35 (but only 5 ft deep max), 750 sq ft of pavers/decking, and a patio cover

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Your pool is the exact same size as mine 20x42, with diving envelope, and most of the rest that you mention. I am in Charlotte. We also have an oversized hot tub and a 12 foot infinity edge on the back wall, and a 12 foot sun shelf. And all pentair products including the VF3050 pump. Pebble tec.
$69000 three years ago.
Whose quote is this?

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This is Siteworks in Nashville, TN. I got a similar quote from The Swimming Pool Doctor here in town. I've got two more companies coming out, Kinwood Landscape and Clearwater Pools. If anyone has any experience with any of these guys I appreciate comments. This whole bidding process has been a big sticker shock for me, our last pool was in Florida and it was gunite with spa, brick deck, smaller pool- but the whole thing was about 30k. I do wonder to a certain degree how much I am getting zip code bids because we are in a subdivision of larger homes. Siteworks built my neighbor's pool and it is easily a 200k pool, huge, every bell and whistle that exists.

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It may help to ask for a breakdown on every part of the bid so you can decide what to remove to bring down the price. You will be able to get an idea of what is costing so much.

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Oh, and if it matters, we are on propane here, not natural gas. I don't know if that makes a difference in what equipment we should select.

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I would love to look at this a little closer. Feel free to email me directly

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IMO, it feels overpriced for having no spa nor many water features. But, like real estate, pool pricing is local.

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We took a trip recently to look at rock quarries in Crossville and spent the weekend at Falling Creek Falls State Park. That is an awesome area if you like stone and water.

I think the price is fair for a quality pool builder. You can't compare it to Fla or Texas prices.

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I am in Central TX. I need a quote on a 20 x 45 foot gunite rectangular pool with an in-pool spa located at the edge of the pool off the patio and steps going down into the pool on each side of that. The land has about a four foot drop off, so the back 1/2 to 2/3 of the pool will be out of ground. Negative edge with catch basin at back; tumbled travertine on back wall. French pattern travertine on side walls about halfway down. 5-foot concrete decking about 1/2 down on each side, with steps to back yrd from that. We want an in-pool Polaris cleaning system, with a regular Polaris as back up. 400,000 BTU propane heater, model DE Jancy filter system. There is black top soil, but hill country stone underneath that probably 6-8 feet down. Don't want deep end over 5.5 feet or so. I would prefer a Pebble Tec (probably Pebble Sheen) finish. I also would like travertine that is non-slip on the concrete decking.

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