Takes forever to get hot water in upstairs bathroom

jjellisSeptember 30, 2010

We bought a house 5 months ago. The house is two stories with a basement, approx 2500 sq ft. No problems came up with plumbing during inspection. However, after we moved in, we noticed that it takes a LONG time to get hot water in the upstairs bathrooms. It can take as long as running the water for 3-5 minutes before we get hot water. Need to know if this is normal due to size of house (previous house was much smaller and we never had this problem) or do I need to get a plumber check out our plumbing system. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Tankless won't help any if the water heater is on the opposite of the house in the basement.

Where is the water heater in relation to the bathroom? Besides in the basement.

We had a 2200 sq. ft. two story house with two bathrooms that were stacked with the water heater right below them. Took no time at all for hot water upstairs.

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You can solve the problem with a recirculating pump that will provide fast hot water and no wasting of all the water that now goes down the drain while waiting. The down side is that you will have to pay for the plumbing retrofit and the cost of running the pump. Good luck!

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There are retrofit recirc pumps that do not require any plumbing changes other than can be done in minutes by a DIYer...


and this one...


and this one...


And they have been discussed to exhaustion on this forum...



Worth looking into...

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