5600 Econominder water softener: Start-up Procedure

chad1973September 12, 2010

I have recently moved into a home that has a 5600 Econominder water softener installed. The water softener is not on and I would like to use it. I'm having difficulty interpreting the directions in the service manual.

1) I have aligned the grains per gallon water hardness scale to the number of people in the house.

2) The first set of directions that I don't understand: "Rotate the program wheel counterclockwise until it stops at the regeneration position."

There is a white dot on the program wheel and an arrow painted on the face of the meter right above the program wheel. Should the white dot be lined up with the arrow - is that the regeneration position?

3) The next set of directions that I don't understand: "Manually index the control to the brine draw position and allow the control to draw water from the brink tank until it stops."

"Brine Draw" is not one of the settings on the control wheel. The options available are: Settle Rinse, Brine Refill, In Serv, Regen, Rinse/Back-wash, Brine + Rinse, Rapid Rinse. Which one do I choose?

4) "Manually advance the control to the beginning of the brine fill position and allow the control to return to the service position automatically."

Which setting do I choose for "the beginning of the brine fill position?"

Thank you for your assistance with this.

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First, consider that the softener is not in service because it has a problem or a leak.

Second, You need to know the water conditions so you can compute the compensated hardness.

With that info and the # of people you can calculate the settings of the 5600 Econominder. You have to include a reserve in your calculations also.

The setting procedure is harder to describe than to do and here's the best tutorial I've found click here for tutorial

You'd probably be wise to call a local independent water treatment pro and have them come out to check the softener for proper operation and if it's working correctly set it up properly.

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You'll also need to know the volume of resin in the resin tank. That can be determined by the size of the tank. Look on the tall torpedo tank the Econominder is on for a sticker that indicates the size.

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