winter wonderland... ugh...

joanneswimsctJanuary 31, 2011

Hi all!

It's been a while so may be a bit rusty but will try to post some pics. Approx 5 FEET of snow so far this winter here in CT. Another storm arriving tomorrow...

Joannnowinsidejpg.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">e

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Only got 1 pic in above so will try again. Have a cool one from inside the pool building...

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I don't envy you guys in the NE one bit
We were into the mid 70's today and expect a front tomorrow that'll dip us to below freezing tomorrow evening.
I just can't deal with it and y'all make it look like a cake walk.
I'm curious, is the inside of your pool structure heated or does the water temp keep the pool from freezing and the inside temps semi reasonable?

See ya,

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Typically in structures like that, the pool being heated keeps the structure nice and toasty.

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NE is beautiful in the fall, but days like this make me glad I live on the left coast.
Just a little ((Shake)) now and then here!

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Hey Kelly
Actually we winterized the pool the Mon after Thanksgiving. The day of the pic, the H2O temp was 35 and the air 33. The next day we had ice so will need lots of sunshine come Feb to warm things up. The tree line in our backyard is just tall enough to block the sun by the end of Sept. By mid Feb the sun is high enough to warm up the building. We start up for the season the first weekend of April and typically run the heater a few hours to bring us from mid 70's to 80 then let the sun work its magic until mid Sept. We don't heat the air at all but the heat from the H2O does a nice job Oct/Nov although it gets a bit foggy!!

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