A very stupid question re D sinks

stripedbassSeptember 1, 2014

When a D sink is installed does it matter how you position it? In other words, if you want the drain to be close to the wall as opposed to it being close to the cabinet door, does it matter?

I ask because my plumber is saying that if I have the drain close to the cabinet door the disposal might not fit because it will be too close to the cabinet door.

I'm enclosing a photo of my sink so that you can see what a D sink looks like (in case you don't know what I'm talking about).

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That would be the normal configuration.

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I think your plumber is right. The drain should be at the top, toward the rear. My mom had her's mounted so that the curve of the D was at the rear (or top).

Also, you may have a lot of faucet splash if you mount the drain at the front/bottom like pictured instead of the other way around, depending on faucet location.

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Your replies are proving very helpful. Thanks.

The photo below is of the used garbage disposal that I got from someone and wanted to use. If I still end up using this disposal (if it fits under my sink cabinet without hitting the cabinet door), what would you recommend that I buy, in terms of parts for it, so that it can work well?

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Honestly, I wouldn't dink with it.

For $100 you can get a new 1/2 hp ISE with all the parts you need and no corrosion.

What you have is obviously not a $100 disposal, but it is used and was taken out of service for a reason. Often by the time they have set for any time they will corrode inside and lock up.

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Thanks for the advice, jakethewonderdog.

I finally made a decision on a garbage disposer.

Instead of the Inksinkerator Badger 5 (which is a very common disposer sold at Home Depot), this is the one I'm going to buy:


It's the current version of this discontinued disposer (which was rated 3rd best disposer by Consumer Reports Magazine):


The customer reviews for it on Amazon seem to be really good. One of the reviews says it's much quieter than the Badger 5.

I had never bought a disposer before so I definitely needed to read Consumer Reports Magazine.

The last review I could find on garbage disposers was from August 2009.

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This has nothing to do about the relative quality of the units, but I've always preferred the sound of the lower RPM motors in the ISE units over the GE motors. It's like the rumble of a washing machine vs the whine of a vacuum cleaner.

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