My cat left me a present!

criticalmass048December 17, 2009

I just went to climb into bed, and found that one of my cats left me a nice present on my pillow... a nice long hairball.

More disturbing that that, however, is finding what appears to be a dried-up worm in the "mess".

We have one cat in particular that likes to spend half the day on my pillow, so I could probably guess it was her (7 year old female). What amazes me is how she could have gotten it? We have 6 cats, and none of them go out.

This worm in particular is about an inch long, is tapered at one end, but seems also to have a pointed end, like an arrowhead (maybe reddish?). It seems to be pretty transparent with a black stripe down the side.

I'm going to continue doing research tomorrow into the type of worm it is, but obviously right now I need to get to sleep! If anybody knows, please let me know.

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Ewww...Roundworm? Or tapeworm? First one could have come with dirt, I guess (among other possibilities...) Second one, from fleas.

Either way, all might have to be dewormed :[

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yawp. deworm your kitties and you might want to start them on hairball remedy as well. Man I thought this was going to be about another cat brining in a poor defenseless critter from the outside world - I was relieved to read the story did not involve mayhem...

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Yes, thanks to both of you. I've already started the de-worming this morning. As for how she got them, I can tell you that when we rescued her 6 years ago (she was abandoned, starving, and about 1-1.5 years old) we found she had worms. We followed the procedure, and about 6 months later, they showed up again. Then, nothing until just now. As impossible as it sounds, if they have no contact with any animal other than themselves, and rarely go out except for some time in our screened-in porch during the summer, the only way would be we somehow tracked "infected" dirt/feces into the house, OR is it possible she's had the worms for 6 years and we never got rid of them?!? I would not say she's underweight, although she doed have what could be described as a "low-hanging" belly which wiggles when she walks, but it's really just flab, not fat. I read somewhere that an enlarged belly is one of the signs, but now I can't find the website to double-check myself.

SIX YEARS?!? Can it be??

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It's hard to say where she got them but I routinely worm my cat and dogs a couple of times a year just to be on the safe side. You often dont know they have worms but I'd be horrified if my cat coughed one up lol.

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You say it's a multiple cat household? If it is, and they share the sanitary pans, it's quite possible that they can be passing them back and forth, if you only treat the symptomatic cat. Lets say you find a stray and later have her wormed. She could have shed some eggs in the interim another of your cats picked up. So you have the new cat treated, but don't know that a second cat may not have them. So she gives it back to the new cat. Etc.

Please don't try to treat them with OTC cat wormers. They have a bad rep. Talk to your vet and I suspect they'll recommend the whole flock of kitties be wormed at once to make sure you start from a clean slate. Worms, can be asymptomatic for a long time in cats until you find one barfed up, and by that time, it's prolly a pretty severe infestation.

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