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wbrown609January 30, 2011

We are in the process of trying to choose a fiberglass pool to have installed. We are in the process of building the house, and the yard is large enough to accommodate pretty much any size we choose to go with. We are having a difficult time determining which pool size to get. We have narrowed it down to three models. The models can be found at this link: (Grand Buxton, Pamlico, or Grand Rodanthe) One is a rectangular pool with dimensions of 14'x32'. This is considered a medium sized pool and is priced about $4,000 less than the two larger pools. Those are a kidney shaped at 16'x38' and a rectangle shaped at 16'x37'. We have two small kids, and I am more worried about when they are teenagers than now. Is the 14'x32' pool big enough? I keep thinking that 14 feet is too narrow, but that seems to be the most common size. Does anyone with a similar sized pool wish they would have gone bigger or are you happy with that size? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I had a fiberglass pool and yoou have to remember there is a ledge running along the bottom of the pool around the walls that comes out about a foot and is about 1.5 to 2 feet tall. My advice is to go with the biggest pool you can afford. I went with a figure 8 (free form) and it was way too small! It looked big out of the ground but once it was placed and you add two or three kids and then pool toys the pool becomes very very small. Remember you will have friends over, rafts etc so my feeling is I would rather have too big of a pool that too little.

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We're having a San Juan "Star Dust" fiberglass pool installed in a number of weeks. It's roughly 16' x 37'... the same size as your Grand Rodanthe and Grand Buxton. I think it'll be plenty big for our family. However, I wouldn't (personally) go with the Pamlico, as it does seem small. An inground pool is something that you want to have installed once, and you want it to be right.... not have second thoughts while bumping into people while swimming around. Spend the extra $$ if possible for one of the two larger ones.

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