Pex vs. copper plumbing for new construction with well water?

threeapplesSeptember 30, 2011


We are hearing the pros and cons of both systems and leaning toward Pex because of the cost of copper, but also because we hear that copper doesn't work with well water. I'm learning quickly that Gardenweb is a fantastic resource, so though I'd ask about these options here.


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To discuss this intelligently we'd need to see the results of a comprehensive test of your well water.

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"...also because we hear that copper doesn't work with well water."

The unstated assumption in what you hear is that the water is acidic. Maybe, maybe not. Only way to know is have it tested.

Non-metallic piping sidesteps the corrosion issue, and there's no argument about the price difference versus "plastic", but if your water is acidic you will need to treat regardless as other components in the plumbing have metal parts; typically brass/bronze alloys.

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Since the days that we dug wells by hand in my area, and I helped on some of those, observation tells me that the analysis of the water in a particular well can change over time. And most of the well water in my area does damage copper pipe. For that reason, I used only stainless steel pump and fittings and polyethylene pipe in my well. And avoided copper and brass as much as possible in the above-ground fittings. No regrets. Now 6 years with no repairs and hoping for at least 15 more years of trouble-free service.

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Pex still uses brass fittings in contact with the water.

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CPVC uses a minimum of brass. Glowgard Gold is a better grade of CPVC, much better in my opinion.

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