Man & Dog got matching ear piercings

toomuchglassDecember 21, 2012

omg .... I'm not crazy about seeing dogs dressed up all cutsie , but at least I know the owners love them , it's harmless and I believe those dogs are spoiled rotten ! LOL

This disturbs me ...
I came across this at one of the forums I go to . An openly gay man , got matching ear piercings for him and HIS DOG !
He said it was a "manly connection" !!! I wanna puke.
Not for the gay part -- but having his dog's ear pierced to match his !! Geeze ... I hear about people having their dogs wear braces , getting botox ... UGH !

I'm a friendly person , a great neighbor, like alot of people ... and it's not my personality to talk bad about anyone . BUT .... if anyone does needless ,painful , Vanity stuff to their dog ....
I hope they get the same stuff done to them in hell .

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that is wrong. IMHO only a very egotistical (or possibly cruel) person would feel the need to mutilate their pet for their own flight of fancy.

Also I'm quite surprised the owner found someone to do this to their dog, unless he did it himself??? Seems to me nowadays most vets are very conservative about mutilating pets for the owners whims. Many won't perform tail docking & most definitely not ear cropping. The AVMA is against it too.

If I were acquainted w/the owner, I'd have a hard time not reporting him. But likely there'd be no punishment or consequences, so I guess it would be for naught.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Vet. Med. Assn. Stance on docking & cropping

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Well, I dunno.

I'd rather see a dog in a secure home, even if the dog has a pierced ear, than to see a dog in a bad place.

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but sylvia, that's not the case here. The dog wasn't in a shelter wasting away & a person came in & said, "I'll take this dog as long as I'm allowed to pierce it's ears". Which no shelter would allow. You're comparing apples to oranges. The fact remains, the owner mutilated his pet for his own vanity as OP tells us.

I'm still curious WHO pierced the dog's ears. I mean, would it hold still for it? Or did they put a piece of ice on it like mom did before she pierced my ears when I was a kid to numb it?

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I don't agree with what was done, but I understand where Sylvia is coming from. What about the people that have cats declawed, and dog owners that have tails docked and ears cropped? The AVMA may be against such procedures but that doesn't mean breeders and the majority of vets have accepted it.
Oh, I forgot about tatoos and microchips.....but at least those are used to reunite lost pets with their owners, or to prove ownership.

My main worry with the pierced ear is the dog tearing it out during play or when scratching.

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