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skeeter_caJanuary 28, 2011

Now i know what some of you are going to say, But there is no way i can afford to replaster my pool at this time. We bought this house a few years back and it has just been a money pit. We love the house but it seems like it always needs this or that. My pool is drained and there's alot of plaster chipping off and it is stained everywhere. The pool is about 30yrs old. I was thinking i might be able to swing some pool paint to clean it up some until i can afford to replaster it, which might be 5yrs from now.

What is a pool paint that would work? Or should i just refill it and wait till i can afford to replaster it? Thanks for your help.


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skeeter ca,
My suggestion would be to pressure wash loose material off. If you have algae then give it a chlorine wash. You can sand the rough spots with a power sander or by hand with 60 grit wet and dry. I would prefer you just gets things reasonable smooth and use the pool rather than painting it.
Use an algicide when you get the pool running to help wet the water and slow the growth of algae in the rough spots. Good luck.

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There is a problem leaving a pool empty. Unless you install what I believe is called a hydraulic plug, the pool will start to come out of the ground.

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Painting it will cost at least 1/2 of what a white plaster job will cost. Paint typically last 1-3 years.

White plaster lasts about 10 years. Plus you'll get to use the pool.

Painting, waiting a couple years and then plastering will also add the paint removal cost, eating most of the cost delta you thought you were saving.

Leaving it empty would leave you susceptible to any of the following: a deteriorating shell, a smelly mess of stagnant water loaded with mosquitoes and bio-badies like staph, west nile, etc... and a visit from the township/county health department or code enforcement officers, courtesy of the neighbor's complaints.

Removal will cost a lot more than a plaster job.

Just being straight with you.


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I think Scott makes some valid points, but if you're still going the painting route (I know how the money goes...), you can take a look at the paints mentioned below. I've talked with a few people who have been happy just going with paint to deal with some of their "blemishes" while others have wished they'd gone the plaster route from the start as Scott mentioned.

Here's a quick article that will probably give you a decent idea of the labor you're in for also.

Here is a link that might be useful: pool paints

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