Toilet Water Connection

brucegzSeptember 1, 2010

Hi All,

I'm installing a new fill valve in a Kohler Rialto toilet. Absurdly expensive ($105) since replacement parts for this type of low profile toilet are rare and Kohler doesn't make them anymore.

Anyway, connecting the water supply, am I correct that the plastic washer (not the rubber cone washer) needs to go inside the cap, underneath the supply side metal flare? I tried putting it on top but it leaks and my experience tells me that it needs to be under the flared tip and inside the plastic cap. Reason I'm asking is because the other end of the supply side pipe, at the valve, has a compression fitting which I can't remove, need to replace and I can't get the plastic washer through that end to put it inside the cap under the flared tip.

Hope I'm explaining this ok. Thanks for any confirmation or disagreements.


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For clarity, I need to replace the pipe & fitting BECAUSE I can't get the compression fitting off and believe the washer needs to go in there with the end cap.


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