Kitchen sink faucet lost its water pressure

yam2006September 18, 2006

I did some preventative maintenance this evening by closing and re-opening the valves in my bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen. My procedure was to turn the water on at the faucet, close the valve, verify that the water flow had stopped, re-open the valve, and then shut off the faucet.

Everything went smoothly except for the kitchen sink faucet. This faucet is a one-piece design with a single stem controlling both hot and cold. Previously it had good pressure on both sides, but after closing and re-opening the valves under the sink, now it only trickles. I've doublechecked the valves and each of them is wide open. What caused this faucet to lose its water pressure, and how do I fix it?

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There might have been something in your supply line, or faucet that loosened up when you drop the pressure and it has caused an obstruction of some kind. Take off the aerator. (the screw-on screen at the tip of you faucet). If there isn't anything there you might try back-flushing the lines.

Turn 1 valve off, and disconnect the supply line. Put a bucket underneath the supply line. Cover the tip of the faucet with the palm of your hand. Turn on the faucet all the way on with the opposite water of what you disconnected. Leave it on for a second or two, or until the water jets out of the disconnected supply line.

Then reverse the process and back-flush the other side. Granted you might get sprayed a little bit that's OK, it's only water.

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Agree with fqp25, but I would take aerator off and run the faucet before disconnecting any lines, if they run full force then the aerator is clogged. If that dosen't work then procede with what he recommends. Luck.

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Thanks guys. There was some black plasticy crud in a filter a few inches upstream from the aerator, where the pull-out spray head detaches from the main stem. I don't know how the crud got in there, but it was easy to clean out. Hot and cold water pressure are both back to normal.

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Installing an overmount sink - the common type of sink that rests above the countertop - might seem like an intimidating task. But the reality is if you can draw lines using a template, cut with a saber saw and use an ordinary or even a Crescent wrench, you can likely install a sink. If you are installing a new sink, you will need to decide on the shape and material for the new sink. Kitchen sinks come in all kinds of designs - single bowl, double bowl and even triple bowl - as well as many different materials, such as stainless steel or enamel.

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I have encountered a similar drop in water pressure in my kitchen faucet after replacing my water heater. I cleaned out the aerater -- it was full of crud. But the flow is still very low.

After reading this post, I went to back flush the lines, but alas no shutoff valves under the sink. So...I turned off the hot water shutoff at the water heater, disconnected the hot water supply line to the sink, and ran the cold water (while blocking the end of the tap).

This has improved the flow somewhat but it is nowhere near what it was prior to the water heater surgery. Any suggestions on how to back flush the other (cold water) side without flooding the place?

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I followed directions but no success. My problem is that the sprayer hose has all the pressure and the faucet has only a trickle. It must be some diverter or something that controls the flow from the faucets to the sprayer. Any help? Thanks.

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Thank you thank you thank you for this posting and the answers!! I had a similar problem; had turned off the water lines and then after turning them back on found I only had a trickle! So frustrating! But unscrewing the tip totally did the trick! I had some weird sand/gravel type things clogging it up! Now it's running with more pressure than ever! Thanks so much for the help!

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Thank you guys so much! I fixed it by unscrewing the tip and sure enough there was a small piece of metal clogging it up.
Thank goodness for these types of sites!

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Just want to say that this post helped me decipher and fix a totally frustrating situation. Thanks!

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Same exact problem: Very low water pressure in kitchen sink.

Cause: Aerator clogged.

Solution: Unscrew it and clean it.

Don't know what an aerator is (just like me)? Click on the link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Thi is an aerator.

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We have the same problem! But when we tried to back flush the pipes, it didn't work. Holding my hand over the faucet didn't cause the water to shoot out the unattached supply line, it just squirted out between the faucet and my hand!

Is this just how my faucet works, or does that issue indicate something about what's causing my low pressure?

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Thank you very much, (especially fqp25) your advice fixed my sink and prevented me from making a very costly mistake of calling a plumber. Thank you.

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and I have a $200+ faucet so I didn't want to buy a new one. The faucet is a one handle model with a sprayer as part of the head that can be pulled out.

I could backflush cold and hot but still could not get water out the faucet head so I knew the clog was in the faucet mechanism or in the hose after the hot/cold mixing valve.

I took the whole thing apart and it turns out that inside one of the ends of the sprayer/faucet head hose, there was a small valve. I thought maybe it was clogged so I ripped it out. There was no debris in the valve (looked like an anti-reflux valve) so it must have been faulty/incompetant. Anyway, that fixed the problem.

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Thank you. That worked for me

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Wow - THANK YOU! That worked for me - amazing. Thank you for sparing me an expensive plumber call.

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Had water main break and after the fix all water in the house ran fine again except for the kitchen sink. Barely a trickle.

So glad I Googled and found this forum. I also had some sandy grit blocking the aerator. Just rinsed it out and works better than ever. Never would have thought of that.

Thank you!!

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My kitchen faucet also lost water pressure. I took the faucet apart and cleaned it all out. This did not help. Now months later the outside spigot (right outside of the kitchen) has lost pressure also. And it stinks! Do I do the back flush like stated in earlier post? I have a feeling I have a rodent in my lines. We have had water main leakage at the corner of my property and the city for years have said they fixed it but every year it leaks. But I think they finally fixed it. But could something have gotten. In that way?

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Hi Thanks all,

Suddenly water pressure went down in kitchen sink faucet. Tried cleaning faucet tip, Back pressure each time closing one valve ... did not work. I took a thin wire and passed through the tip of faucet couple of times...and there you go water came with usual pressure. Probably there must have been a small deposition at the throat of faucet.Thought of sharing, Thanks forum members for tips shared.

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