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loves2readJanuary 24, 2013

In our FL house the patio/pool area is enclosed by screened-in lanai with peaked roof that is probably 20ft high or more at peak...
Built of aluminum in sections so if screen sections tear they can be replaced individually.
Our screening is in good shape but when the previous owners had this new frame done the contractors did not use stainless steel screws to join the sections.
Our pool guy has told us there is rust coming into the pool via rain water.
Rust is very difficult to get out apparently.
He recommended having some one either replace all the screws with stainless or use something to coat the screws so rust can't leach into the pool or decking...

Anyone have similar problem?
How did you handle it?

There is always possibility hurricane or high storm winds might damage screening. Seems more practical to just seal screws vs replace and probably lot less expensive--but haven't gotten bid on ether job.

Once we spend longer periods of time in this vacation home, we will bring our dog and cat. Our cat is 13 and starting to show his age but he ia also used to roaming outside when he wants to...For several,reasons, he can't do that in Fl like here in TX. We are afraid he will try to push out through the screening though or try to climb it to get to the real outside -- not good for him or the screen.
We are considering using lattice sections on the inside of the lanai to keep him off the screen. The normal size sections laid sideways should be right dimensions to cover bottom 3 or 4 feet of screen...
Plastic lattice apparently expands in the heat so don't think it is viable.

But we aren't sure if wood lattice would hold up and not need to be treated/replaced every year to keep,it looking attractive...
Anyone have experience with it?
We want something easy and inexpensive to install that will allow air flow -- not anything solid...

Appreciate input...

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Steel screws? Is the frame of the lanai attached to the bond grid with a zinc clamp? The two different metals will cause corrosion or oxidation. The zinc will corrode first, before either the aluminum frame or the steel screws. Depending on the size of the clamp used, you can expect to get about 10 years out of it before it needs replacing.

Pressure treated wood lattice is not UV resistant. The side(s) exposed to the sun will fade over time. I think white PVC lattice will be better in the long run. As long as it is well attached to the frame, I would expect it to outlast the pets.


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Yes--I thought that would be the problem about the wood lattice
Maybe they can use a tougher, thicker plastic screen material with a more open grid.
Some sides of the lanai are in sun all day long. I was concerned that the expansion/retraction of the material would lead to cracking where they were screwed to the metal framing...

Regarding the screws:
The pool cage was replaced by owners we purchased from and is about 5 -6 yrs old now. They kept good records so the company who did the work is probably in box with other info but from looking at another web site I guess they built a lesser vs top quality pool cage...
No cross bracing, screws that are rusting--- maybe they were thinking it might be lost to wind damage and they would not get the cost of better construction back
Maybe they didn't know the right questions to ask about quality construction

W/o your comment I wouldn't know the danger of mixing two metals...
Will just have to get someone in to look at it I guess...

thanks for the info...

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