Use of Plumber's Putty on Marble/Acrylic...

jerry_njSeptember 3, 2011

I had a new Acrylic counter top install and when getting ready to mount the new faucet I read on the container of Plumber's Putty that it is (in caps) not to be used on Marble, Granite or other porous stone, ceramics or manufactured substitutes.... didn't mention Acrylic specifically.

What should I use, silicone caulk? Or is standard plumber's putty fine for Acrylic?

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"Or is standard plumber's putty fine for Acrylic?"

It may cause an ever expanding oil stain.

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Thanks, us DYI'ers need a big warning. I just happened to read the container of PP, a container I've had for a number of years... guess I was "smart" enough to read because of the new counter top material.

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You did better than the Disney Hotel in CA.

They had nice marble vanities in each room, with a huge oil spot coming from the putty under the faucet.

It had been in so long the spot extended a good 6-8 inches from the faucet.

Even the public restrooms had the problem.

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You can use Sta-put Ultra.

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