Which is easier and less costly?

BarbaravSeptember 1, 2014

We are moving the kitchen to the opposite side of the room. The sink and DW are now on the left side of this room in front of the window. I'm considering two options. I'd like to know if putting the sink in the new island would be much more expensive and harder to do than keeping it along the window wall? Also the fridge will be along that far right wall and will need water going to it. What do you think? Thanks for any help you can give.

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For ease and cost, keep water off the island - any appliance needing water means installing a loop vent.

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Tj, does that include the fridge? What is a loop vent?

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He means a vent for a drain, ie the sink and/or the DW.

Moving plumbing in my opinion can be problematic due to venting requirements. In your case, as I understand it, you will have to rip up the floor to move any of the pipes around.

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Weedmeister, that's the plan. We're putting in a hardwood floor in a couple of weeks and knew that the subfloor would have to be cut out so that the plumber could get to the pipes, and hopefully the electrician could pull the 220 lines through that space as well. Both are coming tonight to look at the space. As i planned for the new space, I just wondered if getting plumbing to an island was harder than getting a 220 line to it. As of right now I've decided to go with the cooktop in the island, sink/dw along the window wall, and fridge and under the counter wall oven on that wall to the right. Thanks for your input.

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