Rocking toilet, please help

techiestarSeptember 4, 2010

My fiance and I are putting the toilet back into our small DIY bathroom redo. Same toilet that came with the house and the plastic flange on the floor is the same too, as it doesn't appear cracked.The bolts are new, bought with the wax ring. We tiled the floor with slate, being careful to put our most even pieces in that area. We've checked the floor in that area all over, and it appears level. But, we've tried two times with jumbo wax rings (to compensate for the slight height the tile added) and we still have rocking. The rocking seems to be diagonal, ie not exactly front to back or side to side. Are we missing something? Where do we go from here? Take up the toilet and set it on the floor without ring to see if we notice gaps? If so, what do we build it up with? Guess this also means yet another trip out for a wax ring, huh? Thanks in advance.

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Amendment: After much crawling on the floor, we think we've found one tile that is oh so slightly higher. If this is our issue, how do we level out the toilet?

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How slight is the height difference between the tile and the flange?

To solve the rocking use shims made to level toilets do not use wood shims. Use a level when you shim the spots that need the support. Fill the gap with matching color caulk of use the Tile grout you used for the new floor.

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New Wax ring is a must do

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"New Wax ring is a must do"

Wax toilet rings do not expand back in thickness once compressed, and if the toilet rocked some part of the ring is now compressed to far.

You may not notice the leak immediately, but it will leak at least sewer gas, and eventually water.

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