Is this the answer to my countertop problem? White Macaubas?

illinigirlMarch 17, 2014

I was just at the granite yard and they are getting 16 of these slabs in soon:


Will this work with my calacatta gold subway tile backsplash, white perimeter cabinets and black perimeter counters?

Can I get away with wood stained island cabinetry with this countertop choice?

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I think you found it. Gorgeous! Lcskaisgir used similar Maucabas on her wood stained island. These will go fast so tag whatever you need ASAP.

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Are you in Chicagoland? Do you mind sharing the stoneyard's name? That slab is stunning and would look great with your backsplash (and my kitchen LOL)

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Swoon! Snag that baby! :)

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sorry, no I am not in Illinois anymore. Good luck on your search!

I have to cross my fingers that these slabs will be long enough. Paperwork shows 117". I need 120" The granite (stone) guy that works there says these are the over seas papers and they are sometimes wrong and in the past the slabs have been closer to 124".

The waiting begins...... (they won't get them in stock for 3 more weeks)

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If they look like that slab, I'd consider doing all my countertops in that stone.

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Illini, that slab is one of the prettiest white macaubus I've seen. The stone yards we've been to lately have also been getting in new slabs.
Just be sure to take your cabinet doors for color, (not the little 4x4 sample) as well as your BS tile sample.
We went to look specifically at the new white macaubus samples here a few weeks ago, thinking that would solve our island countertop issue, but the macaubus was all way too grey in the field to work with our blue and white cabinet doors.
If we had the stained cab island like you do, they might have worked, but the grey ground of the macaubus and the creamy white of our perimeter cabinet combined with the blue island base just didn't come together.
In the pics I'd envisioned a soft marble-like white as the base of macaubus, where in reality it's a very granite grey-white.

Are your cabinets on order yet? If not, and you have a choice of whites, maybe take doors from your kitchen place of the whites available. That might make it easier to pic a cab color that will work well with that incredible piece of macaubus and your BS tile.

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thanks ml weaving!

I haven't selected a white paint (laquer) yet. So I do have that flexibility to pick the 'right' white if I love these countertops (and they work).

Funny enough, I showed this pic to my husband and he says "nice....but I still like the LG Minuet better"

aaagh! what can i do......

I'm trying NOT to get my heart set on this may be too short, or too grey, or too expensive. I don't have any pricing from my fabricator yet but according to the stone yard it does run high, he compared it to taj mahal. I forgot what the price/sq. foot was on that. If it's 150/sq foot I have to forget it.

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At least you know the LG will be long enough.

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Positively GORGEOUS!!!! (but then I'm a little biased:))

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What did you decide?! I'm thinking of same quartzite..

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