Master bedroom- color/rug help

localeaterApril 1, 2014

I have fallen in love with a duvet cover to inspire my mbr update.
It is PB Celeste Gold. From GW Photos

Similar to the photo, I have an upholstered headboard in a neutral color. My floors are pumpkin pine so a strong reddish-orange. The room has two windows with painted trim, and structural beams because the house is a post and beam- the beams are also reddish-orangey.
I am thinking of painting the walls SW Blonde, and getting a rug like the one I included in my moodboard. What do you think? Is the wall color good, is the rug too much? (BTW that is not my room in the background, just there for the beams. I can post a picture of the actual room if you think it is helpful)
From GW Photos

Here is a simpler more geometric rug option, what style do you prefer?
From GW Photos

Would a lighter wall color, like ivoire, work better?

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I would definitely NOT do the walls in that color, or the rug. It is a beautiful duvet, and you want it to pop, not blend in.

For the walls and rug, I'd pull from the gray/blue that is in the duvet, not the gold/yellow.

Don't worry about the wood color. Anything will work where the floor and beams are concerned. For instance, I have the orangey pine floors and beams all over my house, and I have cool colors on the walls. In particular, the Van Courtland Blue I have in one room that has pine floor, beams AND ceiling actually really made the wood GLOW gorgeously, much better than before, when the prior owner had BM Antique White on the walls.

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Interesting.... I am not sure I really want any pop. I am really going for a very soft, very calming environment.
This is a MBR image I love. I was hoping my muted duvet could sub in for the muted bedskirt....which is why I thought the wall color of blonde might be too dark... I also dont like blue very much so i do not want too much blue in the room.

Transitional Bedroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

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I love the combination. And I prefer the first rug.

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Holly- Kay

I like the first rug also and the bedding is beautiful!

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I like everything...the duvet, both rugs...but I would go with a much lighter version of that gold/tan for the walls...I think that much saturated color will be overpowering with your other elements.

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I looked on google images for SW gold to see lots of sample pictures. I think that color might be too goldy-yellow. I much prefer the cream walls in the PB picture. As for the rug, if I were you, I would need to see the duvet in place first before I could commit to a rug. Pretty duvet!

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Thanks all for the feedback. I have been playing around with the wall color and will definitely go much lighter for an airier look.
The rug will most likely not be chosen until the room is painted. I just wanted to start thinking. I am a very slow decorator.

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I like the first moodboard.

Don't forget, you won't see the rug that way unless you levitate. You will register far less of the pattern when it is on the floor.

Very pretty.

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joaniepoanie said what I was trying to sayâ¦only in a much more diplomatic and accurate way!
I apologize if I came off as harsh!

Yes, lighter on the wall color so the duvet doesn't get swallowed up, is all I meant.

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