saltless water conditioners

KT23September 3, 2011

Hi All,

I saw postings on salt based water softeners/conditioners but what about saltless systems like Pellican? Do they really work? I don't want to deal with salt bags but I also want the system to do what it's supposed to do, reduce and eliminate scale build up. Pellican has a system with a whole house carbon filter ahead of it so you get drinking quality water from every faucet. I don't want to deal with an RO system anymore either. Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks, Keith

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Use the search function. The subject(s) has (have) been previously discussed, almost ad nauseum.

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What do you mean by 'drinking water quality"? Is the water currently undrinkable or even dangerous? What was the issue with an RO? Have you had a softener or an RO?

Do you have any information at all on your current water quality, source or issues? Your posting sounds more like a promotion than a need to answer your water conditions needs.

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