Problem Adjusting Toilet Fill Valve

helper_2007September 15, 2010

I have a relatively new toilet fill valve (the kind that is adjustable by screwing it either clockwise or counter-clockwise). I have been trying to adjust it to add more water into the tank, but nothing happens when I screw it either way. What could I being doing wrong; it seems so simple? By the way, the reason I'm trying to add more water to the tank is because the bowl doesn't empty on the first flush, and sometimes not even on the second flush. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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I never did like that type of fill valve and always replace them with a Fluidmaster valve.(about 8 bucks) Walmart even sells them. Also with the tank lid removed, flush the commode and observe if the tank empties when you flush. Often time the flapper will not stay up long enough to empty the tank. Sometimes you can adjust (shorten the chain) to make the flapper stay up longer.

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Thanks nod702 for your response. I actually did adjust the chain and it does seem better for now. Sorry for the delay in answering caught up doing things.

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