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RollTideTXJanuary 19, 2011

Thanks to everyone who take their time to read here and share their expertise. Being a new to the process, this forum has been very helpful. We are very close to signing a contract with a builder and wanted to bounce the specs off the experts here and see if anything looks out of whack or additional feedback/considerations.

*Pool size 21' x 35' Perimeter 96'

*Depth 3' x 5' x 4' Area 576sf

*21,700 gallons

*1.5HP (2) speed Hayward Tri-Star Energy Efficient Filter pump

*Hayward 6020 DE filter

*Hayward VIIO pool cleaner with 3/4HP Hayward booster pump

*Ozonator/Nature II chlorination system

*OnCommand controls with freeze guard (Note can be upgraded to control spa, and add wireless features)

*(1) Colorlogic LED pool light by Hayward

*(2) spray mister/aerators along back wall of pool

*2" pipe (schedule 40) on all pool suction & return lines

*Equipment pads will be pre-poured concrete

*(2) skimmers, (2) main drains with anti-vortex covers and 5-returns in pool

*Coping to Flagstone (Oklahoma to match existing home)

*5' x 7' tanning ledge with bubbler

*Plaster to be white 3M quartz (Owner choice of color)

*Loveseat inside of pool

*500sf stamped roller slate decking

*All steel rebar to be 1/2", at 8" x 8" O. C. (with double bar around stress points)

*Pool gunite shell comes with a limited lifetime warranty

*Electric wire to equipment location (125' included)

*(2) Volleyball sleeves

*(2) Umbrella sleeves

*All start up tools and chemicals

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Things I'd not want in my pool?

- DE filter (yuck, messy, REALLY bad for dogs)
- ozonator/nature II (why do you want silver in your pool? Get a SWG and be done with it).

No spa?

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Thanks for the feedback. Since I have no clue what I need in the way of a filter, what do you recommend as an alternative to the DE filter and what makes it bad? If it matters, I don't have dogs.

So ditching the ozonator/nature II and just going with a SWG is all I need to do? Is there a particular model I should request?

No spa... my wife and I never really liked them. Not really in the budget anyway.

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Cartridge filters is what most builders around here (Dallas) are using. My parents have a DE filter and its just a pain in the butt. Messy, dangerous... it does filter really well, but IMO not worth the effort.

Ozone/Nature II really only kill a couple of the (really) bad things. They don't produce enough chlorine to keep a pool sanitary. You're either going to have to use some sort of chlorine dispenser or a salt water generator (SWG -- salt water pool). The benefits of the salt system are easier on clothes, eyes, no chlorine smell, simpler maintenance, lower operating costs (chemicals, etc.). The potential downsides are rock structure issues (so don't use a soft rock)... SWG all the way for me. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Not sure where you're at (Texas somewhere I'm assuming). In our middle-upper middle class neighborhood you can get away without a spa, but it's typically expected. Our neighbors built a pool a couple years ago and didn't put one in (budget and "don't want one") and now they're getting bids to put one in (sad to look at the water for 4-5 months and know you can't get in).

Also, 500sf of decking is small (we have ~720 and I think its small once you put a table and few chairs out. Given the size of your space (simply from the pool size) you should have more room... a plan would be helpful to know.

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