Pentair DE filter leaking at backwash port

nathan_kJanuary 18, 2010

I have a Pentair (Pac Fab) series 2000 DE filter with built in backwash valve that is leaking out the backwash port at a rate of 6 or 7 drops per minute. The filter is only about 7 yrs old. I disassembled completely and cleaned everything but still leaks. I assume that it is the seal on the valve. It is a Noryl rotary valve with integrated tapered seal. It was not obvious to me how to remove the valve body from the casting. Is it pressed in? I see that I can purchase the seal separately from the valve body or together as a assy. Is this something I can do myself, I'm pretty handy. Thanks in advance for your help.

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The rotor comes out after you remove the handle and extension. First remove the center rod(it is threaded in)and manifold. Next remove the backwash handle,compression ring and tank. Then remove the handle extension from the rotor shaft. Pull on the rotor while turning it and it will come out. The rotor seals are tapered so make sure the line in the vertical rotor seal is on the top side. You will also want to replace the rotor shaft o ring and valve body o ring. Use only silicone grease to lube the seal and o ring.

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How do you get the backwash handle off the rotary shaft? I removed the bolt that goes thru the handle and the shaft, but I cannot get the handle off the shaft.
Any help would be apprciated

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Spin the handle while holding the rotor and it should break loose. The hard part is getting the rotor out of the body, they make a special puller but after you remove the handle extension from the rotor shaft you can put a 2x4 under the shaft and stand on the body giving upward pressure on the rotor, if you spin the rotor at this time it will come up. Hope it makes sense.

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