kitchen faucet drip

grama2September 14, 2011

This morning my kitchen faucet(hot)kept running/dripping and would not shut off so I closed the faucet handle under the sink before I went to bed. I work the night shift so I sleep during the day. Anyways, when I woke up later on I turned back on the hot water and it wasn't leaking anymore. Any ideas as to what is happening with this faucet. It seems weird that it wouldn't stop running/dripping earlier and then after it was closed off for a while once turned back on it wasn't dripping anymore. I shut it off again tonight for fear that it might let go during the night. Thanks for any advise as to what might be the problem with this faucet.

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It needs a new part depending on the the type that you have.

Could be a seat washer or cartridge needs replacing - probably a seat washer. Simple fix for someone, including a friendly neighbor that's handy.

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It WILL drip again. The washer/seat/cartidge is at the point of maybe it will/maybe it won't drip, but it won't get any better.

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