Zodiac vs Polaris cleaners

jenn.in.dfwJanuary 20, 2011

Just got finished with my final pool builder meeting with pool builder #3. He mentioned that he would give us a Zodiac suction pool cleaner versus the Polaris pool cleaner because in our type of pool (geometric with corners) it would actually clean better and not get stuck. He says the Polaris doesn't actually clean, it just disturbs water so that debris floats to the skimmers, and the bag is really just for picking up large pieces of loose debris.

Is there any validity to this? Neither of the other two pool builders mentioned the Zodiac cleaner and I don't recall having ever read about it on this board.

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Suction side cleaners tend to be slower. The can get stuck too. They also tend to go in repetitive patterns. I know several here like The Pool Cleaner sweeps but I don't see them out my way.

Pressure side cleaners pick up dirt too. Can things get past the bag? Sure, but not much. Polaris also has a silt bag available if needed.

Pressure side cleaners also have a back up unit that moves the unit to a different part of the pool to prevent it from staying stuck and to prevent the sweep from going over the same places repeatedly.


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Any specific models of cleaners you're looking at? I might have missed that information but a model might be helpful for comparison.

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Zodiac, and Polaris are the same company. Yes they make boats, 4wheelers, watercraft, infloor systems, sweeps, ect ect ect.

For suction side cleaners I recommend "the pool cleaner" by poolvergnuegen, german engineering, but Made in the USA. Not to be confused with farfegnugen.

Not a rep, just like their product.
I have one 2300 sq ft pool 12' deep with lots of crazy alcoves and this thing does a beautiful job of cleaning it.
I should get paid for this.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pool Cleaner

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