Cat DVDs (for cats)?

sue36November 14, 2009

DH and I were just watching a show on different cat breeds on Animal Planet. My girl cat LOVES these shows, she sits and watches with rapt attention. Does anyone know of DVDs I can order that shows cats and kittens, without all the people talking over the cats? Thanks.

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Sue, I did a Google search for cat DVD and cat sitter DVD and there are several different ones to choose from. Some are on dedicated sites and some are available on Amazon.

My cat and I were watching CATS101 on Animal Planet also. She is Burmese and when the Burmese breed was profiled she fell in love with the biker cat, Otto. A bad-boy biker cat from Hollywood - every mother's nightmare.

I hope your cat enjoys her DVD.

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Thanks, I'll check out Amazon. We were watching Nat Geo one day and she was fascinated by the big cats. Boy cat couldn't care less. When he hears meowing on TV he'll look around, but that's about it. With girl cat, when the commercial comes on she walks around to check out the back of the TV to see where the other kitties went.

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you can check out this dvd in you tube..:)

DVD and Blu-Ray .... 187 minutes of Kittens and Puppies
Delightfully cute puppies and kittens will enchant you while they clumsily tumble, chase balls and groom themselves while walking. Pooped out from playing, they stagger like sailors and get piled up in a bunch before falling asleep.
Puppies &Kittens is the third part of the Special Collectors Edition the worldwide first series produced in 4K resolution and DTS 5.1 Digital Surround Sound.
187 minutes of pet fun will lighten your mood and make your heart both laugh and melt. The perfect Blu-Ray Disk to fill your living room with frisky happiness.

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