What's your dog's favorite way to play ?

toomuchglassNovember 20, 2010

Reading the responses to my dog sitting post & discussing the "Chuck it " -- made me think of all the different ways our dogs love to play .

My dog is a little 5 year old collie /terrier mix. She LOVES soft squeaky toys - and she loves it even better if I "bury" it under the blankets . She loves hiding things & finding them again ( with my help & teasing ! ) She also loves to find one little thread coming out of something & pull it / play with it .... a few pillows I had with fringe got destroyed - but she had fun !!

How does your dog like to play ?

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My GSD/chow mix---keep away with a tennis ball. He chases it and then lets me/whomever get almost to the ball in his mouth and he prances away. I play several times and then require him to give it up. And maybe start again.

The whippet mix loves chasing kicked(not thrown) soccer balls. I buy the smallest size and she can 'catch' the prey. When she shreds the covers, from picking them up, she will toss them for herself.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

My mini schnauzer, Fred, and my Havanese, Carmelita, really enjoy chasing each other. Carmelita is only six months old, so she loves biting Fred's leg and then running off to get him to chase her. They both love squeaky toys for me to throw. They also love to lay in bed and chew on Nylabones. They are a lot of fun to watch and play with.

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My two just play with each other. Won't play with squeaky toys, they'd rather drag a stick around the yard and into the house.

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My 2 schnauzers love for me to throw a tennis ball and then they compete to see who can catch it first. The one who catches it prances and struts around feeling very 'victorious', they're so funny and SO competitive with each other. I wish I could buy them squeaky toys, but the only thing they'll do is chew and chew till it is in 100 pieces and stuffing is all over the floor.

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Before we got our second lab, Sadie loved playing 'frisbie' with 5 gallon can lids. Those are nice because they are cheap and she would get distracted with one in her mouth and it would end up lost. We have lots of acreage, so both dogs love anything involving running -- mostly after each other.

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