Polaris 280 Issues

tejasJanuary 20, 2013

Hopefully somebody can assist me with issues that I am having with my cleaner. I recently replaced a wheel and a bearing as well as all of the tires on my cleaner. When I put everything back together I began experiencing more problems. The hose is not sweeping (not sure if 50 deg F water is to blame for that). Also the cleaner is not sinking all the way to the bottom of the pool. I placed the float at where the plastic was discolored and have moved it out. The only way that I can get the cleaner t sink all the way is to completely remove the float. Also, the cleaner currently seems to just run circles in the deep end of the pool. Any ideas on how I might correct this?

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Is the float full of water? It should be screwed all the way in toward the body of the cleaner. Is the wall screen clean at the wall fittng?

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The float has no water in it and I have cleaned the wall screen. When I screw the float all the way to the body then the back wheels pop up while the front goes down.

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Check the floats on the feed hose nearest to the cleaner for holding water...

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make sure the backup valve isn't cracked or stuck partially open.

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You may also have debris trapped in the body that is trapping air making your unit float.

Also the jet on the rear of the body can be adjusted to help it go straighter.

The backup value, when working, will keep it in a random pattern.

Feel free to contact me personally if you need more help. I have this same pool cleaner in my pool (for many years now).

Here is a link that might be useful: DrBackYard Blog

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It seemed like there might have been some air trapped in the body. It is not moving in circles and seems to have all wheels on the bottom. It may still need the backup valve replaced as when I hold it out of the water the backup valve nozzle goes from full pressure to a trickle. I still have been unable to get the sweep hose to sweep like it did in the past. The pool temp is about 50 deg F so I am not sure if the sweeper hose should still sweep at that temp or not.

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Have you tried unscrewing the stainless screw at the tail sweep a a few turns?

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To get the new bearing in, you had to have taken the sweep apart. During reassembly, either dirt got in or a hose came undone. You are going to have to take it apart again and look.


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Thanks I will remove and take it apart and check it. When I backed out the screw 2 turns then the hose still did not sweep but it seems to rise up off of the bottom of the pool.

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I think that I finally got the tail sweep figured out. I turned on my pool heater and heated the water up to 70 deg f and the tail started sweeping like normal. It could be that the tail is getting older and the cold water causes it to be less flexible. Anyway, I appreciate everybody's help on this one.

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