....Of Botannical Prints and Pool Table Felt

kswl2April 16, 2014

So I have been convinced rather thoroughly that tartan is not a good idea for the pool table, so it was back to the larger samples I ordered. I've edited my 10 first round picks down to two, a brick red and an orangey red called paprika. Here they are in the context of other fabrics and a piece of the oak pool table.



And I saw this print on a design blog. I am looking at two over each daybed in the front room downstairs, and have found four that depict plants we have right outside our door in the woods---pine, oak, mistletoe and moss. They hang on black dowels and are suspended by a cord to hang on a small hook. The one below is hanging on an exposed electrical cord for a sconce, to stretch out from its rolled up journey in the mail. I only ordered one to assess the size and quality. ID doesn't care for the hanging system and would rather see it framed....I am not married to either look but do like the casualness of no glass. The downside is that these have been popping up in the most unlikely places and on other design sites, at at $200 each they are in danger of becoming ubiquitous. But I do like them!

Here are close ups with the fabrics that will be seen directly underneath the hangings (pillows on daybeds). The front room has ceilings of almost 10ft so these will fit nicely on those walls. They are quite large at 36" width x 44" tall (I think).

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My vote is with brick for the pool table, but I could go either way as long as there isn't too much orange in the paprika.

LOVE the fabric hangings and their connection to our own southern outdoors. I too like them as-is, but you could always try them for a while unframed and then frame later if you really thought you needed to do so.

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Thank you, outside, I was going to try to find small brass hooks and possibly tart up the dowels with wooden ball finials to finish them off, Handy Guy can do that. They are actually very heavy paper backed with a thin canvas fabric.

With respect to the felt, the brick looks great with the floor and tartan. However, the pool table's closest furniture will be the light green avocado fabric on two swivel chairs with a four inch skirt hem in the darker green. It will also be in front of two French chairs like the one in the photo, which are going to be reupholstered in the paisley. (The chairs are,the ones my3dogs refinished and restore and I got for DD's apt in a nearby city. She has since moved into a smaller loft for the great views and I am "borrowing" the chairs. We're taking off the current fabrics very carefully so they can be reused when DD settles into a more permanent home.)

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Tough choice for the pool table felt. Either one would work. I like the paprika a lot; I think it has energy and some oomph to it; but there will be a lot of it, and no way to tone it down once it's on your table if it reads too orange. The brick looks great and is probably the safe choice. I would just worry that it might be kind of dead; too dark. We had a pool table once and I loved the green since it was very vibrant and really kicked some life into the room it was housed in.

What does your ID say?

Love your botanicals; they are perfect.

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ID favors the paprika because it looks fresher. I like it because it looks so good with the avocado green and paisley. The paisley chairs will have double piping in the avocado, which will also be the main fabric on swivel chairs. But... You're right about the vast sea of color, it has to be right. Next week is Handy Guy's next visit and I will have him bring in new Turkish rug and more of the pool table. The paisley fabric should be here also, those chairs are being recovered locally since I already have them. I want the red to bring out the color in the rug. Cannot move anything myself at the moment, having surgery next month for torn rotator cuff and bone spur :-(

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I prefer the Paprika, but I am sure that is partly due to the name! I have taken to looking at paint decks upside down because I KNOW i am influenced by the color names.

I definitely would not frame the botanicals; the faux-academic poster treatment is part and parcel of the look. Plus, you are right, they are trendy. So, if you can get away with it, why not use them as is. If you spent a few hundred framing them, you will feel much worse about getting rid of them when/if you were to tire of the trend. This way, if you want a change, you just roll 'em up.

Do they supplant the watercolors?

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So right about that mtn, I will operate on that principle of least spent, easiest donated. And I could probably give them to my daughter if she ever buys a place. Her current consultancy is in Pittsburgh Mon-Thursdays and she LOVES it and may be there a few years, so basically a tiny weekend place with great location in Atlanta works for her and no home ownership on the horizon. But as you say these are easily rolled up until someone wants them.

The botanicals are for front room, water colors still in contention for bigger back room over sofas. Getting custom mirror thru ID to hang above rattan console (to reflect light from front room door and window opposite), and considering this oil painting for long wall parallel to pool table. This I would purchase directly from artist in Atlanta. It is a large work at 40" x 60" and would be framed with a 4" gold leaf cove molding with a silver wash.

Looking at these landscapes as alternatives to framed watercolor prints, first one is Dutch, second one from (very) minor artist from upstate New York, both from out of state gallery:

They are both in the 20x 27 size range.

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Collage of front room:

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I love the paprika!!!

And now I'm eying my bigger half's game room wondering if there's any way to convince him to let me make some changes :o

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Almost unanimous!

Here are the fabrics next to both brick and paprika:

Tan herringbone is sofa fabric:

Question though--- if I use this large painting

four feet from the pool table on the closest wall and parallel to it, would either red be too much? Would the more sedate brick be less attention grabbing? I do have a spruce green felt option.

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Love the water print.

The botanicals are very trendy right now and I have not seen them frame - but hung as you have shown.

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Regardless of the artwork......paprika, paprika, paprika!!! Can't wait to see the finished rooms!

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Yes, agreed...paprika is my favorite....however, the picture above is not a print but a large oil on canvas, and IF I purchase it I want to make very sure I don't overshadow it with a $600 pool table makeover, iykwim.

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Put together, I do like the paprika, but it is still a little too bright. I still think the brick might be the better choice with the green fabrics and the painting. Wouldn't go with the spruce green for the pool table though. Too drab.

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I personally like the more classic brick which I think enhances the room's pallet without compromising it and gives a more authentic poolroom look while still being in tune to the other elements, and it certainly looks great with the painting.

I am for the BRICK, but I am always going to be in the minority here since my taste is a little different and I certainly do not lack opinion.

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Another vote for the paprika. Everything is looking great!

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