Wolf-dogs: Out of the Wild

archimedesNovember 1, 2010

The dog whisperer did a show on wolf hybrids. I've got it on tape and haven't watched it but that's what I'll be doing here soon.

From the commercial it sounded like it might give people a good idea of what the wolf hybrids are like.

The show repeats this Friday so check your local listings for the time.

I'll post a bit more on it tomorrow after I watch it here.

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I saw it last week and they stress how wolves and dogs should never be cross bred.
It was an amazing show and the two wolf experts Caesar brought in did an excellent job explaining just a few of the problems an owner can expect with the wolf hybrids.

IMO, it's ridiculous that breeding these two genetically different animals was ever allowed.

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I saw the show also and I feel it did a great job of showing people what a bad idea it is to breed them and have them as pets, wolf's belong in the wild just like bears,tigers etc.
You will enjoy the show I'm sure :>)

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Actually dogs and wolves are the same species, canis lupus, just different subspecies which is why they can so easily breed. Dogs are canis lupus domesticalis and wolves are canis lupus lupus.

That said, wolves are not pets. Hybrids are unpredictable at best; while I know of some who act just like dogs others are sketchy to downright feral. Problem is most people can't even train a domestic dog properly so training a potentially dangerous wild or semi-wild animal is simply asking too much.

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If you or anyone is thinking about getting a wolf hybrid then this is a good show to watch BEFORE buying one.
After watching the show I'd say they did a very good job of showing you what some of the things you'll be up against if you get a wolf/dog hybrid and the requirements they need.
As one of the wolf experts said that the wolves instincts are more primal in nature than domestic dogs and their body language is also harder to read which makes it harder to handle them. Why someone would still want one after knowing this without educating themselves first is beyond me.
What I found sad is when the guy from Mission Wolf said that there are an estimated 300,000 to 2.5 million hybrids which is more than there are wolves out in the wild and in captivity combined. In the past couple of years he's had to turn away over 6,000 people who wanted to get rid of their hybrid wolves. OUCH! This means these poor animals are going to pay with their lives all because of the greed of man.
The one good thing that came out of the show was Milo Sanchez who was and is willing to educate himself about hybrids and go the extra mile with the one he rescued. Now he is the type of person that when you see them you should thank them for being caring enough to go that extra mile to help these wolf hybrids or any other type of animal for that matter.

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I've met only 2 wolves or wolf hybrids, not sure which, & they both scared the bejeebers out of me, not physically but mentally;

they were just not tuned in to living in a human world.

The first one was running loose in the feed store where there was a pen with 2 terrified mother goats & their 3 babies.

The wolf was trying to get into the pen, & he ignored all the customers' yells to get away, stay away, etc.

He had eyes & ears for no one but his owner, & the owner was oblivious (outside putting feed in his truck while his wolf ran rampant through the store!), & those goats were prey.

Five feet three & 120 pounds that I am, I sort of wish I had knocked the owner silly.

The other one was at the vet;
while he was a very calm, well-behaved, & *beautiful* animal, again, he didn't relate to the other humans in the lobby any more than he related to the furniture.

Thank goodness nobody brought in a cat while he was lying there watching everything.

I love wolves, but wolves belong to the wild.

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Seems to me that with so many breeds of 'domestic' dogs out there, you wouldn't want one that was part wild. Just asking for problems, IMHO.

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Check local laws before buying this mistake. Many states have outlawed them

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