How do you clean your faucet aerator?

scpalmettoMarch 17, 2014

My home is at the end of the water line and the faucet aerators tend to get gunky. My old KWC faucet has a little twist and turn thinigie that comes off so the screens can be washed. As I looked for a new faucet I noticed most pull down faucets either don't have removable aerators or, if they do, it is not easy to get the darn things off. I looked at a Rohl that had a screw off aerator but it was over $900 and I am looking for something much less expensive.

Does anyone else have this problem and can you recommend a faucet with an easy to clean aerator? Thx.

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i use a magic eraser on my aerators, along with a small toothbrush sized scrub brush. Just when they are on the faucet, I don't think mine come off.

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unscrew and soak in clr

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That's the problem, most of those I have looked at do not unscrew.

I have emailed several manufacturers this morning asking about this issue.

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That is crazy! How are you supposed to remove the rocks of scale that get in there if you can't unscrew them?

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We had some old shower heads that did not unscrew. I put the CLR in a ziploc bag and used an electrician's tie to hold it in place and let them soak. It worked pretty well, just be mindful taking it down and don't spill it on yourself. I always held a larger bag outside the smaller one as I cut the strap just as insurance, but I did it several times and had no problems.

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I don't get hard water deposits but this gunky slimy stuff that has to be rinsed out frequently. Neither vinegar nor CLR would take care of this, it needs to be manually rinsed off and I can't brush it from the outside because it is inside the strainer.
I have driven the people at Lowe's and Ferguson crazy trying to remove the aerators on their samples.

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