Hot tub heater size - 250 vs. 400 btu?

rockybirdJanuary 20, 2012

I have never had a hot tub, and whenever I have used them with friends, I didnt realize that you had to turn it on 1.5 hours in advance! That seems like a little bit of a pain. I am looking into getting the remote that works via iphone.

The pool co. has installed a 250 btu for a 10' x 10' spa. For $400 I can upgrade to a 400 btu. Is it worth it? The manufacturer said it will cut down the heating time by 50%. Apparently, the vast majority of people use the 250 btu and this is what they recommend. I am not heating the pool as it is huge (14' x 60') and not worth the expense.

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If that $400 includes any additional necessary labor (including the gas line), I'd jump on it.

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Both will use the same amount of gas to heat the spa but the amount of time needed to get there will be cut in half almost. That being said, the gas supply needed is larger. Chances are, your home's gas meter will need to be up sized, the question being how much larger. Some utilities do it for free, others charge for it.


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Thanks guys! I was told I need to upsize the gas meter anyway. We installed a huge gas line (2 inches diameter I think) from the meter to the heater. We just passed inspection on this, so I need to get the gas co. out here. I dont think they charge to upsize it. It sounds like I should do the 400 btu. I am not sure about the cost of labor...we are still working that out, but it sounds like it will be worth it.

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The main part is done if you ran a 2" line from the meter to the heater. All that's left is the connection to the heater and that is an hour job, including electric, pool plumbing and another 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour for the gas.

BTW, don't tell the gas company its 400 BTU, its 400,000 BTUs. There is a few hundred cubic feet per minute difference in the supply needed.


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I have a 400 btu heater for my pool and spa. My spa is about 7x7 and often times jumping in the spa is a spur of the moment decision at the end of the day. At only $400 difference in cost I definitely would not want something smaller than 400 btu or your 10x10 spa will take a long time to heat up and require significant planning ahead. IMO

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I would spend the $400 more for a 400k heater.

I probably wouldn't charge more for labor unless I had to bring an extra helper to install it.

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Thanks guys! It is already in. They didnt charge extra for labor as I added on an ap/remote that uses the iphone to turn the heater on.

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