Flora and Fauna of Hong Kong

Jodi_SoCalApril 20, 2013

I took so many photos throughout SE Asia that I am going to start doing seriers postings.

These are some flowers and birds I saw while walking around Hong Kong.

I've cropped a lot of my photos to Facebook cover size because often they are nothing but subject and sky or water. Cropping simply helps focus on the subject.

Red-Cheeked Bulbul in Kowloon Park...

Some kind of finch or sparrow on Victoria Peak...

A Magpie in Aberdeen...

A raptor in Aberdeen...

Flowers and oranges...

I love how this bird takes off...

Lots of raptors in downtown Hong Kong...


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Lovely pictures. That looks like an English Sparrow (House Sparrow) in the second and third pictures. They are abundant, though non native here....looks like someone introduced them to Hong Kong too. We don't have English Sparrows out here in the country but you see them everywhere in town.

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Thanks Marilyn, I went to an Audubon Society meeting last night and even they seemed to gloss over the exact names of sparrows and finches because there are so many that look the same but have different names. :-)

I've got to figure out what the one bird is that is dive-bombing off the top of the Cypress tree.

I've spent hour and hours trying to research every bird and location we saw in SE Asia and I still have a ways to go before I'm done.


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The dive bomber's bill is a clue, Jodi. Look in the Nuthatch family. I'll bet he's a member.


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The last picture of a flower is Tibouchina.

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Thanks KayJones!

Anne, I'm looking but haven't yet found one that is native to Hong Kong that looks like the photo I took. I'll keep researching. Thanks.


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Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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